Not so much, in Greenwich

BusinessInsider: “what will $250,000 buy you around the country?” Some okay stuff in Atlanta, if you should for some reason find any reason to live in Atlanta, and livable space in Wisconsin. I checked Greenwich’s MLS and found exactly one listing priced under $250,000. In fact, it’s only $69,000.

Come on, buyers,get your feet wet!


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2 responses to “Not so much, in Greenwich

  1. Anyone who watches House Hunters/Property Virgins/My First Place on HGTV knows all too well that $250,00 in some areas gets a fabulous house. It’s all in what you expect out of life. We talked many times when the kids were little of moving to the west or mid-west, with a less jaded population about what a house should have to be considered livable. Every time I look at Peg’s listings in Minneapolis and see how far a dollar goes there versus here, I think what a stoop I am to have paid so much for so little.

    The NYT has a similar exercise weekly, “what you get for $x”. I always click the link, then sigh.

  2. AJ

    $69,000 and only ten million miles of no wake zone to go through before you hit open water. What if the marina goes bankrupt? Would that be like being locked in a futures contract that hits limit down every day before the market opens? Would you have to sneak around and swim out at night to get your boat out of there? I think the slips at the Strickland Rd. town dock used to be twenty dollars per season, but I imagine they’re a lot more than that now, and you probably have to wait forever to get one.