Be afraid, be very afraid

Civil libertarians from across the political spectrum aren’t liking the NDAA, which authorizes the indefinite detainment of anyone, including American citizens, without trial or the right to any kind of hearing. Obummer signed it into law (a law passed by both parties) but promised that “he wouldn’t use” that provision. A couple of points: (a) he also once promised to cut federal spending, and (b) he will not be, please God, president forever.


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4 responses to “Be afraid, be very afraid

  1. AJ

    “Let’s go back to this very dangerous idea: Let’s obey the constitution.”
    –Ron Paul

    Forget about supporting your liberal or conservative team. It’s time to support and defend the Republic. Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn’t support the NDAA. What more need you know? Uncle Sam needs you more than ever. Sign-up and support Ron Paul now.

  2. Anonymous

    Another Intolerable Act from Barry Hussein Obama’s fedgov.

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    Right on, Anon, the Intolerable Acts is a good monniker for what Barry is subjecting the country to these days. George III-Lenin-Stalin incarnate.

    Add SOPA/SIPA, sponsored by VT Sen Leahy. When does this all come to a hard boil? And then what are the 21st Century Patriots going to do in response?

  4. It’s a disgrace for both the parties. I can’t believe body stood up and said “no. Not in my name”.