Crime rate in Old Greenwich set to plummet

Dunkin Donuts coming to the Village, in the space where Patriot Bank once passed out dubious loans.


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45 responses to “Crime rate in Old Greenwich set to plummet

  1. Dude

    Please say that’s a joke and DD is not coming to OG

  2. Well we still have all kinds of interesting crime news in New Canaan. I just reported the New Canaan trader who hired an assistant for threesomes was doing it with famed insider trader Danielle Chiesi’s sister Pamela

    Photo Included

  3. Sound Beacher
    Well, speaking of crime Dr. Freund has left like a thief, into the night.

  4. Sound Beacher

    The extra police patrol of DD area will be a relief for the how many unsolved bank robberies in OG? People’s 3 times, Patriot just once, Wachovia, once, oh now it’s Wells Fargo. I think Chase is the only one NOT to have been robbed, sometimes they have an armed guard standing outside.

  5. Riverslide

    I’ve basically spent my life in and around OG and I don’t have a clue which was Patriot Bank. Was it wedged in directly across from Upper Crust? Or was it the one at the western end of the Tracks/McKenzie shopping center?

  6. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur Christophe — With Patriot Bank gone and the new Chase branch in Cos Cob about to open, it’s official; Cos Cob now has more main street banks than Old Greenwich and Riverside combined; also more than Greenwich Avenue. Willie Sutton would be astounded, oui?

    • last winter was one of the snowiest on record so no wonder the Cos Cobbers are flush. We’ll see what happens this year, with all those payments due on new snowplows and, so far at least, no snow. Can Cos Cob last until lawn mowing season?

  7. OG Reader

    No Starbuck’s next to Feinsod’s then???

  8. Dunkin has made a huge push to open new stores, seeing that their coffee rates high among consumers and is far cheaper than a cup of joe at Starbucks. They are luring the buyer who is cutting expenses yet still wants a decent cup of coffee. I’ve seen three new stores open around me.

    As for Freund, looks like he makes a decent living being fired, and maybe that’s his scam. He walks away with $117,613. Not bad for doing nothing. Where do I sign up?

  9. Patriot Bank was started by this bank fraudster Fred DeCaro Jr. CF was actually one of the first to warn people about DeCaro and had great insight when I was reporting on his bank fraud for DealFlow.

  10. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur Christophe, oui oui, I suspect you are correct. Cos Cobbers need 9 banks (not counting Jos A Bank), a Starbucks, and a Tea Room (The Drawing Room). Not to mention an expanding yacht club. More bucks in landscaping than in realtor business and other white collar jobs, non? Pierre

  11. Anonymous

    Please no Dunkin donuts in my beloved village.

    People just don’t understand. Don’t give them an inch. Cvs first , then dunkin donuts .., then what’s next ?

  12. dogwalker

    Left of the Bank . . . aaahhh . . . the one store that would draw Mom over to OG from downtown.

  13. Anonymous @ 3:25. I’m torn. Alot of me agrees with you but then I look at the village of Bedford, where there’s nothing to do (the kids call it Deadford!), nowhere to meet up, predominantly real estate offices and hairdressers line the Green, and I wish, really wish, there was a dunkin donuts. I know that’s heresy and the Town Historical Society is going to banish me to Mount Kisco, but towns need places for people to convene. then once they do that, they are more likely to impulse shop at other stores. In Bristol, RI, there’s an exquisite DD, in an old building, fits in perfectly with the town historic feel. You wouldn’t even know it was there.

    I guess I’d rather a DD than another Starbucks.

    • But Starbucks, EOS, offers comfy chairs, Internet access and a place to meet up, none of which is available any more at DD. Drunkin Donuts in Cos Cob used to offer the proprietor Jerry Kennedy, who would sit on a stool next to us high school kids, chomping a cigar and dispensing wisdom to a trio of wiseguy hippies and, were Jerry coming to Old Greenwich, I’d welcome his arrival.

      But Jerry’s dead, we hippies grew up, sort of, and cut our hair, and the people dispensing coffee at the new place will doubtless speak Spanish only. It’ll be a place for commuters to pick up a cup of swill to go, and that doesn’t sound inviting.

  14. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur Christophe,
    The Dunkin Donuts in Cos Cob is Left of the (new Chase) Bank, so perhaps they will start speaking French. Do you think?

  15. Guess it depends on which DD you go into. The newer ones have all those things you want (but honestly, aren’t the people who sit at Starbucks all day on their laptops a bit creepy??).

  16. Val Jean

    Yea..those Starbucks people are creepy…met one in the Cos Cob one a few years back..turns out the Vermont dude (who still hangs out there) is not what he claims to be…

  17. Peg

    I love DD. But alas; they left the Twin Cities many moons ago. Probably my dumb luck, however. Had they not, I’d be moaning about even more lbs. I needed to lose!

    Chocolate glazed and apple fritters….. mmmmmmmm!

  18. Phil McKracken

    The DD here in Stonington has flat screens tuned to CNN and ESPN, nice signs with the names of local towns, leather arm chairs and couches. So there.

  19. Walt

    Dude –
    So if Old Greenwich has a CVS and a Dunkin Donuts, why not a rub & tug? It’s a natural extension, right? And it is walking distance from the train, so all the rub & tuggers can commute up from China Town. Or better yet, Hartsdale. It is a shorter commute!!
    Then maybe we put a nude ballet right next door? We can get hotties from Stamford and Port Chester, so the commute is even shorter. Or we just hire Greenwich nannies looking to moonlight? There are plenty of those!! I know a few!
    And a XXX porn store!! We really need one of them. I know you can order that stuff online, but there are plenty of times when you need mink handcuffs, dildos, and butt plugs on short notice.
    Am I right?
    Your Pal,

  20. Val Jean

    DD is nothing more than Chock Full of Nuts coffee..but it tastes so good. I hope it gives the bagel shop some meaningful competition. Then finally the workers can wear gloves serving the customers’s disgusting the way they serve the bagels with their bare hands. OG should get Lenny’s Bagels from Rye Brook in there..

  21. Walt: If a DD (police sub-station) is going in, then no rub & tug likely. Too close fer comfort, eh?

    • Oh no, they like it that way – they can park behind DD and stroll on over. Watch the space above, currently occupied by a dentist. If he adds Korean “dental hygienists”, game’s on.

  22. So Greenwich

    Well there goes the neighborhood. What’s your prediction on how this will impact housing prices south of the DD (formerly, south of the village)?

  23. virginia beach

    I agree with EOS …send those SD folks to Bedford. What I would give for a good cup of coffee nearby!

  24. Anonymous

    A sad day for the lovely village of OG and will be a traffic nightmare. It will be comical to see the parade of fat people falling all over each other trying to get in and out of there in the morning. Check out the menu sometime. Not one healthy thing to eat at DD. LMAO.

    • If a Dunkin Dounuts generates a traffic jam then it will demonstrate that the people of Old Greenwich want a DD in their neighborhood. I don’t, but I prefer the market to decide these things rather than our P&Z.

  25. Anonymous

    Chris, a lot of traffic will be caused by service folks and contractors not necessarily the people of OG. Just look at the cluster f*#$ at the DD Cos Cob in the morning. Many of these folks are heading to jobs in OG/Riverside. They will simply do a redirect to the OG DD for convenience.

  26. Anonymous

    What we need in OG is new restaurants – the restaurant selection sucks

  27. Happy in Riverside

    The big problem in OG is that there is nowhere to park! Half the time I drive into the village (down from the train track side) I just give up if there is no parking. It’s always jammed with landscaping vehicles and white vans with people disappearing into Sound Beach Pizza and Garden Catering. I do wonder how Darlene’s, Abigail Fox and AOC stay alive when no one can get there. If DD comes in, OG will be even worse. Exhibit A being that the bank has to hire a security guard to protect its parking spots instead of its money.
    Plus, call me old-fashioned, but for all its faults, the Bagel Store is at least owned and operated by a local family. I don’t want it run out of town by DD. I’m even more bummed about the possible Starbucks. Was hoping for a great family diner.

  28. anon

    not so fast anonymous @12:17. DD has quite a few healthy choices, most of which have far fewer calories than the scones and things sold at Starbucks.

  29. peeps

    My da’s favorite coffee is DD, but he is always complaining that when he gets coupons for DD deals in the newspaper, the employees don’t understand them.
    I’ve found that Balducci’s coffee costs less than DD. I also like Green Mountain, which is sold at gas stations, as long as they make it often. 7-11, too.

  30. Anonymous

    Quite a few healthy choices? Even the multi-grain bagel has 400 cals, 8 G of fat and almost 600mg of salt. I’m not saying that we should have a nanny state that regulates what we eat. What I’m saying is the food is unhealthy and can’t we do better than a fricken Drunken Doughnuts in one of the nicest communities on the planet.

  31. Riverside Brat

    That’s disgusting.

  32. Anonymous

    Don’t forget about Arcadi coffee shop. One of our OG gems. Plenty of space to sit, drink coffee all and play on your iPad

  33. Old Greenwich Resident

    I am surprised DD is coming to Old Greenwich as I had hoped that a coffee shop similar to NEAT in Darien would come to OG. I am equally surprised that the town has not asked the new Chase branch in Cos Cob to take down that obnoxious, oversized neon sign.