Green Demolitions

These guys are pretty darn good, if you’re trying to redo your house on a limited budget (I realize that that isn’t the case for you, you BSD you, but for some of us …). They take out donated kitchens, closets, etc. and then sell them cheap. Pal Nancy looked at a kitchen in their showroom, original cost $100,000 +, installed at her home, $17,000. beautiful cabinets, counters, etc. We’d have done it, too, except that youngest daughter’s tuition bill arrived just then.

But check them out, if you’re thinking of remodeling. Here’s this week’s deal on a man’s full closet. They say it was $150,000, new. I don’t know about that, but it surely cost far more than what Green Demolitions is asking.


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5 responses to “Green Demolitions

  1. Shoeless

    I bought my kitchen and countertops from them. Paid 15k for at least a 70,000 kitchen. Worked out great

  2. Sandy

    I’ve known Steve Feldman, who started Green Demolition, for years. The value is great and so is the cause they support.

  3. GWChase

    Doesn’t everyone’s closet look like that?

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks so much! I am emailing you a link to our Blog on Green Demo.