No open houses of note

195 Cat Rock

This is the wrong week for such things but with luck, the market will resume business soon. I see that 195 Cat Rock (corner of Frontier) has an open house but I saw it in 2005, when it was new, and I have its general picture. It sold back then for $4.175 and the new owner has been trying to get most of that back. Recently he dropped the price from $3.995 to $3.695 which, while an improvement, will probably not achieve the desired goal.

It’s a Jordan Saper house and even though I don’t like Mr. Saper’s design – he basically builds the same house, all with huge, oversized rooms – they’ve always sold quickly, so I’m sure he doesn’t lose a wink of sleep worrying about my preferences. I will be curious, however, to see how his homes stand up to the market ten years on.

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  1. Anon E. Moose


    Apologies if you’ve commented already and I missed it, but I was suprized to see this Greenwich offering (329 RIVERSVILLE RD, GREENWICH, CT 06830) on of all places. Unfinished construction/renovation of unkown quality and characteristics, far northwest back country and extremely close to both air transportation and the Merrit to boot. What’s not to love?