Sultans of SWAT

Now don’t you wish you’d become a cop?

Police SWAT team playing cops and robbers at 89 Lake Avenue today. Some guys have all the luck. Plus, they’re ready to enforce the NDAA.


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4 responses to “Sultans of SWAT

  1. Anonymous

    Greenwich Post, made it sound like they are training for a fire fight.

    Who’s the OPFOR?

    What scenario calls for GPD to secure the traffic rotary at 89 Lake? Is it a blocking force to make commuters and stay-at-home moms late for their appointments?

  2. Anonymous: When the Euro and Dollar collapse later this year, and the Bronx heads north looking for food, you’ll understand what its all about. JK guys.

  3. dogwalker

    Anonymous, I can’t help but think it has something to do with its proximity to Round Hill Road.

  4. AJ

    Achtung. Ihre Papiere bitte. Old codgers pose a social “security risk”:
    A fresh cot awaits you at a nearby FEMA camp. Giving up freedom for “security” is not a Libertarian view. When the dollar collapses? Who could be responsible for that? Here’s a page from NWO playbook: first you cause the problem then you offer the solution, then comes the “final solution”. Remember Brooksley Born who tried to regulate derivatives? Remember Alan Greenspan who said, “you can’t regulate fraud,” and with the help of Larry Summers and Robert Ruben stopped her dead in her tracks. Remember this one: The only people who can fix financial system are the people who broke it, to parphrase our Dear Leader the Messiah Obummer. Translation: The people who stole your money are the only people who can help us steal even more.