Where is Eric Holder and his federal goon squad?

Don' you mess with my little mind!

Holder has sicced the Justice Department on South Carolina for requiring photo id from voters and has threatened to do the same to any other state that dares interfere with the right of illegal aliens to vote for Democrats. No objection to the same photo id requirement for flying (constitutional right to travel) or gun purchases (right to bear arms). But what about this one, Big Boy: Photo ID required to buy drain cleaner?

Best chance to beat this one is probably to claim that people with clogged drains are proportionately more likely to be poor, illegal and Democrat voters. Then, just as soon as they can break free from detaining citizens indefinitely and without hearings, Holder and his bunch will ride to the rescue.


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6 responses to “Where is Eric Holder and his federal goon squad?

  1. AJ

    Hope (to see you out of office real soon– no, I’m not racist) and change (is not always a good thing) you can believe in (yeah, right). Anybody who still believes in and supports these clowns must be the sort of person who enjoys being at the wrong end of and abusive relationship.

  2. I actually really enjoy watching the thin-skinned twerp try to weasel his way through senate hearings and take up ludicrously absurd positions on a host of issues. What I don’t quite get is how the Democrat branding team is so blind to the massive damage this crew is doing to brand Demoncrat. But that’s OK, whatever works!

    Oh, Eric, in case you wind up reading this, PLEASE, DON’T RESIGN.

  3. Cobra

    Steadman must get mistaken for Holder all the time, poor bastard.

    And, “Photo ID required to buy drain cleaner”–Proposed and pushed through by Illinois Demonrat Representative Jack Franks, who recently stated “I love the smell of regulations in the morning…actually, I love it at any time of day,”

  4. AJ

    Anyone who is interested in how 1930s Germany parallels what’s going on in Amerika today should read Wilhelm Reich’s “The Mass Psychology of Fascism”. It’s available online in PDF format for free at: http://www.whale.to/b/reich.pdf . Anyone who is interested in who financed the Nazis and assured their rise to power — it was the Dukes; no actually it was the Bushes– should read Webster Tarpley’s “George Bush: The unauthorized Biography” it’s available for free online at: http://tarpley.net/online-books/george-bush-the-unauthorized-biography/ . Unfortunately it’s in html format which makes it harder to mark where you left off, but it is broken into chapters. Anyone who is interested in how the Banksters tried to stage a military coup to overthrow FDR should read “The Plot to Seize the White house” by Jules Archer. It’s available online for free in PDF format at: http://ethosworld.com/library/Archer-The-Plot-to-Seize-the-White-House-(actual-attempt-of-fascist-takeover-of-USA)-(1973).pdf . It’s a good one, a 285 page PDF that’s so fast paced I read it in two sittings.

  5. anon

    to further AJ’s comments, last night on TCM was a flick called Pigskin Parade, 1936. One of the subplots had to do with a radical college student, an occupier before there were Wall Street occupiers, a kid who the song refers to as an AntiSuperPooperDooperCommuVultureRadical. It’s incredible to listen to the words of the song. It could have been written today!!!