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A healthcare plan so good, you have to be a friend of the President to avoid it.

Want a waiver from ObummerKare? Join a union! Or run a gourmet restaurant or boutique hotel in Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional district. Come to think of it, you can just get elected to Congress yourself and, friend or foe of the Messiah, you too will be exempt.

So the plan is to be used to punish the Great One’s enemies?


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Here’s an odd statistic

Report: men grabbed 97% of all new hiring since mid-2009. True? Heck if I know but if so,why? [UPDATE: a reader ponts out that these data were complied by The National Women’s Law Center, so they could well be entirely bogus]. Men comprised 70% of the fired in the height of the recession, a loss attributed to cutbacks in construction and manufacturing jobs but those industries aren’t exactly roaring back. Maybe government jobs are dominated by ladies and state and municipal governments aren’t hiring? Curious.


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