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If you’re interested

Here’s what I think is a really thought-provoking piece on capitalism by  University of Chicago professor Luigi Zingales. There’s some red meat here for readers across the political spectrum, Dollar Bill to Chris, “Atilla” Fountain. Too long to summarize but if you like this sort of stuff, I recommend it.


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Denver vs. Pittsburgh – fun game

Denver wins in overtime (touchdown on the first play), thus refuting Tim Tebow’s assertion that God doesn’t care who wins a football game. I watched the game over dinner with Pal Nancy and daughter Sarah and we were all pulling for Denver because (a) we all root for underdogs and (b) Tebow’s been given a bum rap for his  belief in Christianity. Nancy and Sarah are Christians, I’m not – today anyway, but whose business is it where someone else draws his inspiration and strength? Go Tim.

By the way, here’s an interesting piece concerning Tebow’s modesty about his faith (he admits he has no idea what God wants you to do) and how  bible-thumping  politicians might benefit by emulating him.


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