Bank owned property in Riverside

People’s Bank has listed 30 Crescent Road for sale at $1.299 million. I’m sure this was a great house back when it was built in the 40’s but when it lost its backyard to I-95 a lot of the charm went with it. Interesting price history: listed for $1.675 in 2004, the former owners won it by bidding $1.760 (and aren’t I glad I wasn’t involved in that sale). People’s loaned $1.4 million on it in 2005 and ended up foreclosing. If the bank really gets $1.3 for it they’ll come off relatively unscathed but I’m not confident that they will.

Here’s a video from a former listing.



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25 responses to “Bank owned property in Riverside

  1. Anonymous

    Can you explain for all the non lawyers what transpired on Stillman ln?


  2. Anonymous

    Are you thinking of the wrong house? Your link says it was built in 1946 and that it has a .68 lot. Looking at Google maps it doesn’t look like it lost anything to the on/off ramp…

    • I’ll fix the date but stop by the property and decide for yourself whether it’s impacted by I-95. Obviously not everyone minds the noise or it wouldn’t have found buyers over the years but others won’t like it.

  3. Shoeless

    Didn’ t the owner chase FF from the property with a rake/shovel a while back?

  4. There are few defects a lower price won’t correct.

  5. anon

    what a crying shame I-95 is there. this house (and so too the others I can see on Bing Maps birds-eye view) look straight out of an episode of Father Knows Best. What kind of $ do you think it will fetch? And how awful IS the I-95 noise?

    • The noise isn’t all that bad to my ears, Anon, but noise is really subjective. And, as another reader points out, that’s the exit/entrance ramp to the highway and not I-95 itself, so there’s some mitigation.

  6. anon

    interesting that the listing says “ON IDYLLIC QUIET STREET IN RIVERSIDE”. i’d take that house in a heartbeat if I were looking in Riverside and wanted to be able to walk the kids to school. I wish there were photos of the interior.

  7. Greenwich Old Timer

    When my husband and I moved to town from Houston in 1973, we rented a darling house on Crescent Lane for a year before buying our home on Stanwich Lane (where we still reside) in 1974. We loved the location and neighborhood on Crescent and I remember this house well (was never inside, however). I hope it finds a good buyer. Greenwich Old Timer

  8. There are, anon. Check out the video CF supplied. Not to my liking. All I can envision are Muffy and Jip and their two kids Ryan and Connor — both girls — looking very preppy and Republican and way, way too uptight.

  9. anon

    phew delving; what crawled up your butt? talk about way too uptight!!!

    this house is adorable and i agree with greenwich old timers assessment. the interior is just as lovely as the exterior and the street. please find it a great family.

    aka muffy

  10. Spencercat

    Used to live on Crescent and the noise is not bad at all, comparable to say, Winthrop. depends on the wind. Really comes from the direction of the Mianus bridge, IIRC. This house is mainly impacted IMHO by having little backyard, the rest being cliff. Front yard is very steep, too.

  11. Well this New Canaan $7mnish home isn’t bank owned just ex-wife hard money owned.
    Chris have you ever seen a loan on a house bought during seperation set up this way after a tough divorce?

  12. Anonymous

    I know the owners and the house is very nice. Crescent is a great street for families..don’t know what you’re talking about. If you don’t like the I 95 noise…go to back country and live with the deer, fox, crickets..or whatever.

  13. Looking in Riverside

    Very desirable Riverside street…even though it’s not a flat property.

  14. Looking in Riverside

    It’s worth looking at..the rent alone on that house will pay for the mortgage.

  15. AJ

    Teribuhl, I have a friend who owns a lot of investment property that was protected under a prenupt. He knew she was going to try to screw him on the house they lived in (unprotected), so he borrowed out all the equity so that when she left him (she did) she could have half of nothing. He paid off her 20,000 gambling debt to get rid of her, and I told him you lucky SOB, you sure got off cheap.

  16. Anonymous

    @anon, Trulia still has 10 photos from the former listing if you want to see stills.

  17. Just messin' with you :)

    Chris @9:01pm, I thought I95 was right behind this house. Which is it, deer or cars? 😆

    • The deer live in that tiny patch of woods between the ramp and the highway itself, as well as the strip of woods that runs from Lockwood Road and behind Dialstone to the ramp

  18. Thanks for the incredible link, Teri. What tangled webs some mortals weave.

  19. Cos Cobber

    I think this house will sell for $1.175MM. There are lot of good pieces here to work with; good street, good neighborhood, workable layout, fair curb appeal.