Contracts at new prices

66 Cat Rock Rd

66 Cat Rock, 3 Fairfield and 5 North Crossway all report contracts today. Cat Rock is a charming place but with just one acre in the two-acre zone it’s pretty restricted by FAR so its 2006 price of $2.195 million made no sense. Its latest price of $1.199 obviously worked for one buyer, probably because the assessment is $1.099.

3 Fairfield, that junker on 0.1 acre was asking $499,000 but even at that price I’m surprised someone bit. I’ll be curious to see what it actually sells for.

5 North Crossway, marked down to $1.995 from close to (above?) $3, was a pretty good deal. Very beach housey and it sure looks like its yard floods regularly but the house has been there since 1912 so I presume it’s not going anywhere. I’d love to own this house. Another one selling for its assessment which, you will remember, is supposed to represent just 70% of estimated market value.


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5 responses to “Contracts at new prices

  1. Anonymous

    No way 5 North Crossway is long for this world. That piece of shit house in that location is getting torn down faster than you can say flood zone.

  2. Cautious Buyer

    Friends bought the home on Cat Rock. They are thrilled. The will raise their two small children in a lovely, charming home built in the 1700s. They have no need to knock their home done and build a McMansion. The love that the home is unique and interesting and loaded with character. Cheers to them.

  3. AJ

    The last time I was at that house was back in 1995. It’s an older house, and in the third picture down from the top that whole contemporary thing is an add on, which from the outside, at least, has destroyed a lot of the house’s original charm. The livingroom with the fireplace does look the same though. The guy who lived there back then had a nice ’64 candy apple blue white top convertible ‘vette– sweet ride. I notice the picture was taken at high tide, of course– not the same look as low tide. And yes, that area does go underwater– not financially– quite often.

  4. Anonymous

    @Cautious Buyer, congrats to your friends, it looks lovely.

    If you’ve seen the house, what does the staircase in the master bedroom lead to?