It’s baaack!

286 Round Hill Road, a nice old house with a great yard, although a tad close to the Merritt Parkway for my taste, started at $5.375 million in 2009 and expired unsold last May, when it was asking $4.495. Now a new broker has it, at $3.750. 2.6 acres in the RA-2 zone but still, in my opinion, not ready to sell. But your opinion may very well differ..


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3 responses to “It’s baaack!

  1. anon

    can you link us to the listing? looks decent to me, at least this photo. nice landscaping, for sure. zillow shows the assessment went down 13% in 2011. what would account for that?

    • I’ll link as soon as the pictures go up. Assessments were down pretty much all over town with the exception of waterfront, where they were bumped 3-5% (or more, I suppose, depending on the property).

  2. Anonymous

    Seems people want a place by the Merritt as much as a nasty genital herpes infection these days. Maybe it’s a buying opportunity. Still looks expensive compared to nicer place nextd oor on 5 acres that sold for 4mm.