Next up,these geniuses will draft math quizzes

Scotch in a can, $5 a pop. It’s early days, but I’m making this my front runner for an Ignoble award, 2012.


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5 responses to “Next up,these geniuses will draft math quizzes

  1. AJ

    If those are twelve ouncers, someone is going to chug one and die.

  2. Anonymous

    Gee, wonder who the target market is for those.

  3. Excerpted from the ad:
    “A 160-pound man who decided to drink an entire can in one hour would find himself extremely intoxicated with an approximate .18 to .22 blood alcohol level, enough to cause motor impairment, loss of memory and blackout.”

    Sounds like reason enough for some kind of award. Just what that award is, I’m not sure.

  4. Anonymous

    Will street winos turn into street scotch-os if they can buy 8 shots of whiskey for the same price as a bottle of MD 20/20? Oh my.

  5. Just_looking

    Maybe the business model factors in people tossing out half the can and opening a new one the next time.