This probably wasn’t a good idea

"Someone's in trouble, but I don't think it's me!"

Georgia school concocts math homework asking questions like how many slaves it would take to pick 56 oranges and “if Frederick Douglas was beaten twice a day, how many times was he beaten each week?”. I suspect that the scholars who came up with this idea are black, but the parents are upset nonetheless.


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9 responses to “This probably wasn’t a good idea

  1. dogwalker

    Worse than “scholars”. It was the actual teachers themselves . . . attempting to merge history lessons into the math lessons . . . to reinforce learning. Isn’t that what IB was all about? All the disciplines merging together?

  2. peeps

    It’s so intercurricular! It’s math! It’s reading! It’s history! Yay!

  3. anon

    the school is predominantly black and the outrage came from black parents. i say that is a huge YAY!

  4. AJ

    Today’s assignment will be proportions: whats the ratio of black people to white people doing serious prison time for simple possession in order to protect them from ruining their lives?

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    So what exactly was the problem? The kids had no sense of humor? Or the material sucked? I can help them with that!!
    How about:
    Q: How can you tell a Jewish house at Christmas?
    Parking meter on the roof! So if parking cost $2.00 per reindeer, and Santa had 10 reindeers, how much did it cost him to park?
    Q: What do you call an Irishman with half a brain?
    Gifted!! So if the average human brain weighs 3.0 lbs. for a man and 2.8 lbs. for a woman, and the population is 50/50 male and female in Ireland, with a total population of 4.5 million, how much do all the brains in Ireland weigh? Wow!! That is a frigging hard one!! All these kids are getting left back! SUCKERS!!
    Q –What is the black stuff between elephants’ toes?
    Slow natives!! So if the elephant has four toes on the front, and three on the back, how many slow natives were there?
    Q: What’s the definition of a virgin in the Middle East?
    Any sheep that can run faster than a Muslim!! And no sheep can run faster than a Muslim. So how many virgin sheep are there?
    Dude – maybe this is what we should be doing – writing instructional books for kids!! Any money in that? And there has to be a way to monetize all these “dead baby” jokes you have subliminally caused to be swirling around my head.
    And where were you yesterday morning? I painted my face blue, pained GO GIANTS!! on my forehead, and you frigging stand me up? You owe Mackenzies $252.36. I ran a tab under your name and bought a few rounds for the house. We had a blast!!
    Your Pal,

  6. AJ

    You can always count on Walt to take it to the next level.

  7. Anonymous

    Every(antebellum)day Math?


    Speaking of bad ideas, this was called racist at the time it popped up in China.

    Al Sharpton was in a tizzy…even the manager of a Harlem fried chicken restaurant was extremely upset and is quoted in the NYP article .

    Ironic that the name of the Harlem restaurant is also Obama Fried Chicken. “For us it’s different” said the manager. WTF.

  8. john

    AJ, Good point. WFB was all over that subjuct, correctly. Crucified for his views as I recall,


  9. AJ

    The new math: How many DEA agents go to jail for smuggling drugs and laundering drug money? Answer: 0. Federal Agents Helped Major Drug Trafficker Move Millions in Cash: