Hybrid autos running out of gas

Dead Prius

Sales down to just 2.2% of the market and falling fast. Of course hybrids were a stupid idea and anyone who doesn’t vacation in Cuba knows that, but it is precisely to avoid such stupidity that the govm’t should refrain from trying to determine winners and losers in the marketplace. Next up, I hope: the $7,000 gift to electric car buyers.


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  1. AJ

    Looks like the save the planet suckas are waking up. No more hands across America and I’d love to buy the world a coke and– live in perfect harmony? During the seventies every company in the country was running save energy commercials. Even Pathmark supermarket had a save energy song and dance number (remember their spokesman who used to lightly pat all the products in the commercials and then starred in “Return of the Dead where he patted all the cadavers). People bought in to it, reduced energy consumption– an their reward? All the energy companies claimed that due to decreased income revenues, they had to increase prices. Suckas!

  2. AJ

    Back before George Washington married into serious money (the bum) and had to make a living, he sold hemp for medicinal purposes, a small crime (it wasn’t at the time) compared to his more serious criminal activities of waging war against his government (the Brits). The question, and the point of this post: could hemp save the planet? Why not watch this hour and four minute documentary of the history of hemp in America and form your own opinion instead of letting your government form it for you? Watch the free film here: http://www.hermes-press.com/hemp_marijuana.htm

  3. Dude

    Sales are down because price of gas is kept artifically low. Factor in the cost of military operations to secure access to the crude and cost of environmental damage from the pollutants and demand for hybrids and alternatives will surge.

  4. Al Dente

    I think AJ is on drugs.

  5. Anonymous

    Not sure Dude’s playing with a full deck either.

  6. Wildwood

    The Japanese earthquake/tsunami wiped out the capacity to produce hybrid engines and the wait list according to Stamford Toyota and Greenwich Lexus is running “several months”…so is it a fair statistic if there is a large group of willing buyers but no supply available? Probably a bad quesiton considering this is a real estate blog!

  7. AJ

    Al Dente, I think you’re undercooked.

  8. Cobra

    “I think AJ is on drugs.” If so, think he’d share?

  9. AJ

    Cobra, how venomous!

  10. Anonymous

    government should refrain from determining winners and losers in the marketplace. Stop keeping oil artificially low. Then we will see demand for alternative sources of energy.

    it’s sad to see old men argue for a defeated way of life. Must have been that way in the closing days/months of the third reich

    • Sadder still to see young people advocate for a system that has failed repeatedly across the world, enslaved millions, oppressed millions more and brought poverty to all. Those “old men” know the truth about collectivism and utopias; the children are too ignorant to know anything but what they’re told by the John Stewart show.

  11. AJ

    CFs original post was about the sales decline in hybrid autos, and that decline is perfectly understandable because the extra cost of the initial purchase and continuing maintenance, when compared against potential fuel savings, just doesn’t make economic sense. I would imagine the
    extra complexity of aging, prone to failure, electrical components makes resale a losing proposition, and if the car is financed, the seller is sure to come out underwater. So the only practical reason that someone would buy such a car is to join in the latest flavor of a movement the establishment is trying to foist upon the gullible.

    Consumers are led to believe that they can chip in and do their part by reducing consumption, but unlike in regular business, where a reduction in demand produces a reduction in price, with regulated monopolies, a reduction in demand produces an increase in price to keep income
    constant. So customers are rewarded for their hard work and efforts by being abused. This is done through constant advertising and public announcements, and the power of suggestion is the power to influence as amply illustrated in this, albeit silly, video embedded here.


    My point being that people who fall for what’s being pushed on them are made to be fools. Think for yourself, don’t fall for what the corporatocracy feeds you. If you’re mentally lazy, join the army; the army will do your thinking for you; you won’t have to worry because the army will do your worrying for you, and you’ll be living the life of Riley.

    “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” –George Washington, 1794

    If you don’t believe the George Washington (and Thomas Jefferson) stuff, look it up. Even the Declaration of Independence is written on hemp. Hemp is pest resistant and can be grown with little or no pesticide use. Instead of growing corn to feed cattle to produce 16% protein meat, hemp is naturally 40% of the highest quality protein. Hemp produces four times the fiber of forest per acre for pulp and paper production, and grows in months instead of decades. Hemp can be formed into composite panels considerably stronger than steel. Hemp has many medicinal uses; if it didn’t then why is big pharma trying to synthesize and patent THC. Hemp can produce more
    biofuel than corn, and be grown on soil where corn won’t grow, so it won’t take away from food production. But the biggest reason why hemp and cannabis should be legal is because we live in a free country. Police chiefs are fond of reciting the mantra that marijuana reduces productivity, but
    since when is productivity a police matter– only in a fascist state. The war on terrorism and the loss of our personal liberties is just an extension of the drug war. In Louisiana the police would plant drugs on people driving through the state so they could seize their property with a percentage going to the judge, the prosecutor, and the police: it’s a matter of record; it was investigated by the FBI. All across the country police are seizing cash from people, even if they have bank receipts to prove the money is legal, and yet they have to prove it isn’t drug money to get their money back.
    The worse thing about drug laws is civil forfeiture, where you have to forfeit your assets without even being proven guilty: a direct violation of the fifth amendment; a violation of the Bill of Rights: “No person shall be held to answer… nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…” Not even murderers are subject to this. It basically leaves a person charged defenseless against the unlimited resources of the state. It’s time to restore the Constitution; it’s time to restore the Bill of Rights; it’s time to elect Ron Paul.

  12. Al Dente

    Someone needs to stab AJ.