Now we KNOW the world is doomed

 Twinkies going belly – up. I blame Bush.

UPDATE: Reader and fellow blogger Peg asks, “what’s going to happen to the Twinkie defense?” Law professors are probably drafting review articles right now on that very subject.


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10 responses to “Now we KNOW the world is doomed

  1. Anonymous

    along with my childhood favorite Wonder Bread

  2. Peg

    With the number of Twinkies, cupcakes and Ho-Hos I ate in high school, I should have been a majority shareholder.

    As a friend of mine said, what WILL happen to the Twinkie defense?!

  3. Anonymous

    Following on from your previous post…..
    Twinkies should move into China. There are a surprising number of children here that look like they get the odd shipment delivered to their door already.😦

  4. Anonymous

    Obama will save them, the Teamsters are at risk!

  5. w b h

    Hostess Cupcake two-pack: chocolate frosting with a white squiggle across the top, and wrapped together in cellophane.

  6. Anonymous

    Back in the 50’s (!), I hated Twinkies (as much as I wanted to like them, because you got so much for so little) and liked the Hostess Cupcakes’ chocolate cake and frosting but didn’t care so much for the marshmallow “Surprise Inside.”

    Both of these products offered an overload of a sugar and carbo fix for a mere dime at the time. And there were always two in a package! (Never sold individually.)

  7. Ring Dings and Yodels. Death by cake overload. Damn those things are delicious (or at least I thought so when my taste buds were young and not particularly discerning).

    But what’s happening here? Seems to me that Mooch is killing union jobs with her healthy eating initiative.

  8. AJ

    That has to be photoshopped.

  9. anon

    I was partial to those pink snowballs growing up. With “coconut” on top. Probably nothing real in them at all but oh so good. I still like butterscotch crumpets but they are rarely found north of Philly. God didn’t intend everyone to eat kashi.