Obama administration “proves” what we’ve known all along: Head Start is a useless waste of money that accomplishes nothing

Two years wasted? Tell your kid not to worry, there's always affirmative action!

I’ve posted here several times about Head Start’s failure to help pre-schoolers – one study I linked to found that after two years in the program children arrived in kindergarten knowing exactly two more letters of the alphabet than their non-schooled peers, and that’s it. No other gains or accomplishments.

But now Obummer’s crew has studied Head Start and reached the same conclusion. From Walter Russel Mead:

Joe Klein at Time magazine. As Klein reports,

We spend more than $7 billion providing Head  Start to nearly 1 million children each year. And finally there is  indisputable evidence about the program’s effectiveness, provided by the  Department of Health and Human Services: Head Start simply does not  work.

These days, defenders of Head Start say less about what it does for kids (essentially nothing) but about the jobs it creates in poor neighborhoods.  This is blue liberal thinking at its most self-parodic: we can’t develop social programs that will accomplish something worthwhile, but we can at least use the illusion that such programs work to create jobs for people who will then vote for the politicians who give them make work jobs.

This fifty years of money down the rat hole, fifty years of listen to Dollar Bill types responding to any criticism of this (or any similar) program by wringing their hands and denouncing  us as “cruel” and “heartless”. In fact, it’s the Dollar Bills who are heartless by consigning the defenseless to a lifetime of poverty, all in the name of the Great Society and from a desire to salve their liberal guilt by spending other people’s money on programs that don’t work. true kindness and compassion dictates that we abandon what isn’t working (job retraining, anyone? Welfare?) and try a different approach. But as anyone who’s studied them knows, liberals and communists are the cruelist, most selfish and heartless people on earth.



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11 responses to “Obama administration “proves” what we’ve known all along: Head Start is a useless waste of money that accomplishes nothing

  1. AJ

    Is CNN a joke or just a shill for the Obummer admin. In the following video which is available today on CNN’s site, we see Soladad O’brien interview Obummer biographer Jodi Kantor:
    What’s interesting about the video is that O’brien, after asking Kantor a few questions where she almost immediately talks over her answers, goes on to give a monologue where she refuses to let Kantor speak. Why do they ask people to come on and be interviewed? As background? Meanwhile we have CNN’s Dana Bash following Ron Paul around like some sort of stalker, insiting that no one should vote for Paul because he simply can’t win as they promote Huntsman who isn’t even on the ballot in three states and can’t possibly win.

  2. “studies show” that a child raised at home by a loving, attentive mother is more ready and able to learn by kindergarden than day care raised kids…” jobs” be damned…

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    The laurenhartnotsoanonymousechickwhosnameistolong is in fact correct. Learning starts at the kitchen table, and if parents are not involved, the kids are doomed. You cannot dump your parental responsibility on others. It will never work. Good, involved parenting is the key.
    Were you beaten as a child? You should have been.
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt: you are ass-u-ming one thing – that the parents are responsible and capable of parenting. Look at poor Caley Anthony, dead because her dimwit “parent” could care less. I look at the news and see so many “parents” who ignore, hurt and kill their children and I think of all the children who would have been better off with others, even a good day care facility, than parents who don’t give a flying fig. It takes no talent to HAVE a child but to raise one, now that takes patience, love, understanding.

  5. AJ

    Mark Halpern questions Ron Paul on Head Start on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and insists on trying to put words in his mouth:

  6. Peg

    EOS and Chris are right; it takes patience, love, understanding and a commitment to responsibility! Doesn’t have to be beatings… but discipline. I remember that just about nothing was worse than my dad giving me that stern look and telling me he was most disappointed in me.

  7. AJ

    CNN’s Dana Bash is very concerned and worried that Ron Paul might do well– how’s that for objective, unbiased, neutral reporting– and she hopes you’re very concerned too. Watch this video of a sad sack, excuse for a reporter:

  8. Georgie

    I’m confused….didn’t Malloy just announce MORE TAXPAYER’S MONEY for preschool education since “studies” show that those kids do better than those that do not?