Muck Boots – a superb product

I bought a pair of these boots last year, upon my soggy, waterlogged return from a week spent slogging through the marshes and wet ground of central Maine in leather boots (hand-made by Limmer 35 years ago and still going strong – another great product but not for this use). Muck Boots were highly recommended so I ordered them up and took them hunting this past November in the Catskills, where I once again encountered wet conditions – that’s where the deer hide out, generally. They did everything promised, kept my feet warm and dry and provided the support of a hiking boot. I hiked all day in them, over those two chipmunks, Hill and Dale, and after a week I was completely sold – best boots of their type I have ever owned.

You don’t have to order them in camo nor do you necessarily want the model I have (pictured) with a roll-up feature for extra deep water. They come in different heights and colors: black or even pink, for ladies like Walt who want to cut a stylish look while swilling the pigs.  Really good boots.


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2 responses to “Muck Boots – a superb product

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you making fun of me? I think so.
    Why do you want to hurt my feelings? What is with the name calling? I would never do that to you, you frigging douche.
    You are posting about boots? Who gives a frigging crap? You moron. Post something interesting, you loser. That we can discuss. Like civilized human beings. You heathen.
    Let’s talk boobs. Real or fake. I don’t care. Or Tebow. Does God really care who wins a football game? If He does, we are in deep shit Dude. So let’s talk about that.
    Or we can discuss dirt. Yeah that is interesting. Right up your dumb frigging alley.
    How about vaginas? That is always fun to talk about!! Look bad but feels great!! Do you agree? Lets talk mohawk vs. baldy. OK? I like the baldy. What do you pick?
    Your Pal,

  2. Cobra

    Currently on my second pair, this one of the “Hoser’ design. Great boot, I agree. Bought my first pair at the Greenwich Audubon Center for hiking their trails in wet weather…worked as promised.