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Occupy Wall Street: steal from the poor, give to our friends


The big lie

OCW seizes home of poor black man, gives it to affiliate. Dollar Bill and his fellow travelers understand full well what’s going on here but, like all useful idiots, they assume that they’ll be the ones doing the awarding and never dream that they’ll end up like this ripped-off homeowner. As Michael Moore wailed on September 11, “don’t they know we voted for Kerry?” Yes they do, and they don’t care.


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Housing’s shadow inventory, “dark oil” and zombie money

Lengthy article at  BusinessInsider on what’s hidden from our markets and impending doom. I don’t know from crude oil but the author’s comments on houses that banks don’t want and thus won’t take title to ring true. If he’s right, there are millions of houses out there waiting for an eventually return to the market, so don’t believe what your read about a housing come back.


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Passive solar homes

I suppose they’d never fly in Greenwich, but it was 15 degrees this morning and when I goosed the furnace I started wondering what happened to the idea of passive solar homes. Pal Nancy and I looked into the subject in 1981 when we lived in Bangor and twenty below zero mornings were common. We “chose” (we were living on a new lawyer’s salary based on a Bangor, Maine pay scale) to heat our old drafty farmhouse with wood – six cords or so each winter which, in Maine, lasts 10 1/2 months – but I was intrigued by the idea of a home heated without solar panels or moving, breakable machinery.

Apparently the concept is still around in an improved form and, to the extent you place any faith in the New York Times, they’re in use in Germany and Scandinavia.     Do they really work? If I built one, would I have to erect a life-sized Al Gore figurine on the roof? Eschew bacon and eggs and switch to granola and bean sprouts? Wear Birkenstocks to the polls and cast my vote for Obama? If not, I’d be interested.


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