Arizona bans Caliban

Just foreclose the state and give it back to the Apache

No Tempest for school children in the Grand Canyon state. A tempest in a teapot, really; school kids don’t read anything anymore and certainly not Shakespeare.


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4 responses to “Arizona bans Caliban

  1. AJ

    The Bard barred, oh no.

  2. AJ

    But then, they’re not too bright in Arizona: in the 1870’s James Reavis collected $5.3 million through the sale of quitclaims with a forged Spanish Land Grant naming him the Baron of Arizon and the owner of the Arizona Territory. The Baron of Arizona, starring Vincent Price: it’s a great movie and a true story.

  3. Reavis or Raveis? Maybe that’s how he got his start. Forgeries, I mean.

  4. AJ

    Perhaps, the many possible spellings he could have chosen for his name is the nut deep down inside his brain that got the whole thing started. He was clever and patient and could have gotten away with the $5.3 million had he chosen to leave it at that, and not decided to sue the Federal Government for $11 million, who then brought in their top forgery expert. Reavis was not easy to bust. He had gotten himself admitted as a monk in the monastery in Spain that would have issued the document had it been real, stole the page were the record of the grant would have been listed, obtained the right paper, and learned how to make the monks secret ink formula. His downfall was that during a brief time when the document was dated a monk from a northern monastery had been temporarily in charge, A monk whose formula was different by one ingredient, which the govenment was able to validate through chemical analysis. Back in the 1870s!