How do I get the listing?


Does sex still sell?

Greece will let out the Acropolis to raise drachmas for debt.  That’s the whole shebang, Parthenon included. I see (tasteful) toilet bowl ads and in view of the site’s extreme age, maybe a plug for Depends. Walt and I can come up with a million of uses for these stones, just watch.


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3 responses to “How do I get the listing?

  1. Anonymous

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art (and who would dare question its fund-raising methods) has held many fancy parties in the Temple of Dendur as well as countless other fund-raising activities on its distinguished premises. How is that any different from the Greeks’ monetizing their own heritage sites? And unlike the Met’s, Greece’s sites were neither bought nor stolen.

  2. Weddings? U2 concerts? Obama’s acceptance speech this August?

  3. How about Walt’s orgies: no sexual preferences denied? After all, it’s Greece!