Occupy Washington demo is a bust.


Cole Stangler drops by from the State Department to lend support and have his braces adjusted

Fizzles in the drizzle. 10,000 predicted, 200 show up. “My little brother took Dad’s  Benz,” one would-be protester moaned when interviewed at Starbucks. “I’m like, what, gonna take the Metro?”

I did enjoy our government radio, NPR, covering the non-event. After admitting that the crowd was, er, “sparse”, the young lady reporting read off various signs she could find: “No authority”, “legalize marijuana”, “Occupy Wall Street’, and so on and then concluded, “all different viewpoints are here”. Only an NPR staffer could look over a puddle of muddle-headed pot heads and their like-minded friends and perceive a plurality of views. Our tax dollars at work.


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7 responses to “Occupy Washington demo is a bust.

  1. Sebastian

    Do not judge; And forgive the them, for they not know what they do.

  2. AJ

    Hey, CF stop picking on pot heads. I know it’s the school’s job to make our youth stupid, but shouldn’t students be able to get stupid in their days off? Besides, look where our drug war has taken us, leading to stupid laws that get us results like this: homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers. And warrantless searches that non pot growing homeowners have to pay the government to conduct: http://www.abbotsfordtimes.com/Mission+homeowner+fined+growing+cucumbers/4086299/story.html

    • AJ,if I thought the kids wanted to legalize pot because of a principled Libertarian stand or even because the drug wars are a colossal waste of money, I’d cheer them on. But these punks just want to dope up and stay stupid while their peers rush around banning sugar, transfats, guns and wealth. Time to strike their tents for them.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    C’mon, CF. Don’t you think well intentioned, but albeit naive, teens should be off limits? Just sayin’…

  4. Pete

    Re: NPR Juan Williams said that after the Monday night debate, quite a few of the audience crowded around him seeking autographs and photos. Williams commented, “I was surprised at first, then realized that I was wearing FOX identification. This never happened when I worked for NPR.”

  5. AJ

    CF in a free society, if your choice in life is to be a stoner and stay stupid,
    you have the choice to be stupid, however stupid that may be. The Brave
    New World had its soma. Besides, if they were to become ambitious in
    this post industrial, as in deindustrialized, world; and realized that their
    future had been stolen from them with trillions of dollars ripped from the
    economy and given over to degenerate foreign speculators who tell us
    that they can’t lose, and who hold a gun to their heads that says we’re to big to fail so we’re taking your life, your future, because we never lose; then
    they might be a little less mellow. Keep in mind that more than 20% of the
    adult population is now on psychiatric drugs, many of these drugs being
    very dangerous; and most likely, most of those people would be far better
    off eating or smoking an herbal plant like medicinal hemp.

    But aside from that, the worst thing about pot being illegal is the violence
    of the state against the citizenry that it has engendered: the patriot act,
    the NDAA, SOPA, the war in the street against people, any people who
    just happen to cross paths with police thugs who will bash someone’s
    skull in for looking at them the wrong way or daring to ask them a

    As far as the sugar goes, that’s a movement that’s been going on since
    William Dufty’s “Sugar Blues” made its appearance in 1975. It’s not a bad
    idea to eat sugar only in moderation because it can lead to health
    problems. But replacements such as Aspartame (Nutrasweet a.k.a.
    Rummy Juice) made from GMO E. coli, and Sucralose (Splenda), which
    doesn’t break down in the body and is working its way into the water
    supply, are even worse. There is a healthy sugar substitute, Stevia, but
    it’s made from nothing more than a ground up natural herb, so of course,
    it’s illegal to call it or use it as a food sweetener, and it can only be sold
    as a supplement –one of many supplements the FDA is trying to make illegal for the benefit of big agra and large drug companies.

    And with trans fats, it’s no so much that they’re an artery clogging
    poison that can be found in most processed foods but that food
    processors weren’t required to list it as an ingredient, just as GMOs are
    not required to be listed today. In a free society –you know, the
    Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, where the individual is
    sovereign — you’re allowed to make your own choice about what you eat.
    It’s not supposed to be about what’s best for Monsanto.

    As for the guns and wealth, they’re just uninformed and misguided youths.
    Because who could disagree with the idea that in a free society you are free to live the life you choose, increase your wealth in whatever way you see fit as long as it’s not a crime against someone else (the all important victim); and that you have the right to protect you’re life, liberty, and property. As for guns being dangerous, there’s no shortage of dangerous things in this world. Maybe we should eliminate cars and electricity. Maybe we should go back a hundred years to a safer world when the number one killer of adults in America was dental infections.

    But beyond all this, the most basic right in America is the right to protest
    even if the majority doesn’t like what you stand for. You have the right to
    stand of a soap box and say what you think and speak your mind just like
    this guy standing on a soap box here:

  6. Scott Isler

    Dude you got problems. Why the obsession with this kid?