Peter Alexander: bring back predators to Greenwich

And the tiger said to him, "Little Black Sambo, I'm going to eat you up!"

Byram’s  (“Pemberwick” – he claims there’s a difference) Peter Alexander, a nice guy, all in all, wants to see mountain lions and wolves back in town. Here’s Peter’s take on the subject:

“I would encourage the concept of bringing back more species, including mountain lions and wolves,” he said. “They do get bad press, including eating children sometimes, which is pretty bad. I am not trying to downplay the tragedy, but they are part of the natural environment.”

Seems to me that there was a reason our forebearers drove these beasts away, but then again, I too was excited by the mountain lion sighting. But if we do let them back in, let’s lift the restrictions on pistol carry permits.


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14 responses to “Peter Alexander: bring back predators to Greenwich

  1. Nathan Hale

    The best part of the article was Peter’s strong advocacy for baby-eating and feeding children to wild animals. This is in strong opposition to the position of the Town of Greenwich Conservation Commission that parks are for kids.

  2. Patrick

    As a human being I too am part of the natural environment and will kill those animals which endanger the lives of my children. A very natural thing to do I would say and a very much part of nature itself.

  3. Fred2

    Pistols? I don’t know about you, but if we have Mountain lions and Wolf-packs roaming the back-countryside, I’m packing a rifle or a shot gun.

    A. I can’t hit bugger all with a pistol outside of a room-distances
    B. I want what I shoot at to stay dead.

  4. Parks are for kids ?
    They helped steal Calf Island from our children.
    Downtown connected predators are the problem.
    Let them eat birds….as in flipped ones.
    To clarify, I am a Proud Pemberwickian.
    Yes I do buy rum but I did not buy into Byram.

  5. Anonymous

    wack job.

    let’s see a mountain lion nibble on his snausages.

  6. Cobra

    Agree, Chris. S&W M29 with Federal Hydra-Shoks should drop the predators with one shot to nearly anywhere in the trunk.

  7. AJ

    Another day in Pemberwick [Byran to those of you from the east end of town]:


    Actually, in these times, wouldn’t eating babies be the answer to so many problems?

  9. Cobra

    Bait it with a somnolent yorkie, miniature poodle, chihuahua, shih tzu, etc.

  10. AJ

    Noooooooo, not my little dog.