Why do professional athletes buy real estate?

rent, don't buy

They’re always skipping town either via trades or free agency, and they don’t stick around long enough for a purchase to appreciate in good times, let alone now. Here’s a Red Sox soon-to-be Phillie who’s going to lose his shirt when he switches jerseys.

UPDATE: checking out the pictures of the place, I see that there’s a spaghetti faucet in the kitchen so that’s okay, then – got to add at least a million to the base price.


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5 responses to “Why do professional athletes buy real estate?

  1. AJ

    Just the idea that people could be spying on you with binoculars from the observation deck of the Prudential building, shown sitting in the background of the photo, could be a deal breaker.

  2. Anonymous

    There should be a lot of Morgan Stanley banker’s that would love to buy this with their bonus!

  3. Anonymous

    you just found out that most athletes are dumb as rocks?

  4. Anonymous

    Ah, CF. As so many of your posts like this reveal, you are just plain pea-green with jealousy.

  5. Fred2

    Hey I have a question about spaghetti faucets:

    I get they make hauling a heavy pot of water to the stove from the sink obsolete but you still have the haul the heavy pot full of now boiling hot water and pasta back anyway, so what is point?