Open house report

We’re back, and Hugo Chavez and Joe Kennedy are just a little bit richer from my expenditure on gas. There were a couple of houses of interest and even more that I think are going to be sitting around for awhile – not necessarily because they’re over priced but because they’re in the dormant area of very expensive.

But one I liked was 377 Cognewaugh Road. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have occasionally had something a little less than positive to say about Cognewaugh’s winding, narrow curves and its distance from town and, more rarely, I’ve mentioned that Cos Cob is one of our less expensive districts. All that notwithstanding, I have a sneaking affection for Cognewaugh (something Cos Cobber intuited a long time ago, I suspect) because it, and Cat Rock, feel different from almost every other street in town and houses there offer privacy unavailable in Riverside and Old Greenwich.

So back to this house, priced at $3.195 (it was tried at $3.995 back in 2009, without success; they may have it right this time). It seems very well made and laid out. One caveat: there’s a big playroom/living room, with bedroom and bath attached, that has no upstairs communication with the rest of the house. That makes it a perfect guest wing or, if he’s entrepreneurial, a terrific spot for that teenager of yours to run a drug business. Parents with small children may not like this layout but (a) there are plenty of bedrooms in the main wing to accommodate the Gilbreth family and (b) if you have small children, maybe you don’t want to live on Cognewaugh in the first place. Maybe.

The yard’s more hills and rocks than grass but there’s certainly enough play area for any child who is willing to leave his video games and the property backs up to the Mianus River Park, for Crissake, so go there (best park in town for biking, running, walking the dog or fishing). And if you insist on driving to town, it’s a pretty short jog up to Stanwich where you will be returned to civilization and just a few minutes from that Pinkberry shop (pe). Good deal.


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14 responses to “Open house report

  1. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but those are some of the worst crappy god-awful photos of a real estate listing i have ever ever ever ever ever seen. One looks like the photographer spit in the lens. Note to owners. Fire your broker, NOW.

    On a more positive note, I love love love the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. One of my all-time favs.

    PS: first try said “comments closed on this post”. If you see this twice, delete one, but not both!! 🙂

    • Well the listing agent is a fine person and a very successful agent so I wouldn’t fire her, but some new, better photographs wouldn’t hurt. These days, with almost every house search beginning on the internet, photographs are more important than ever, and I say this as someone who used to just show up with an inexpensive digital and snap away.

  2. anon

    The house is pretty decent, but personally, I wouldn’t buy any house at any price on Cognewaugh. It’s literally an accident waiting to happen. In fact, I won’t let my teenage son drive on that road – I make him take the long way around up Stanwich.

    And that about sums up why Cognewaugh trades at a discount. $2.5mm is fair value for that house.

    • Anon, I don’t believe that traffic accident statistics support your hunch but I’m going on vague memory, not facts. I think the cops maintain such data and if so, it would be interesting to see.

  3. Cos Cobber

    CF, you are such a perfect fit for Cognewaugh and you dont even know it.

  4. Anonymous

    😆 All I could think when I was looking at the photos is that they were going to give EOS a stroke.

  5. anon2

    anon: imho, you should take your son driving on those roads. the younger they learn to see peripherally and know the hazards of narrow roads, the better off they are. also, knowing at what speed you can take a turn on a heavily curved toad or learning how to deal with the unexpected (like a car coming out of nowhere or someone coming at you who takes the corner wide), the more he will know how to react. after-all, an accident is usually prevented when the driver knows the proper way to react.

  6. Real Estate Junkie

    Wow. Bad pictures. And really? Over $3M in this market? Maybe $2.5??? Maybe. It is Cos Cob. And Cognewaugh. Two strikes. The pictures may just be the third strike. And we all know what that means. Eeks.

  7. Anon3

    Cognewaugh from Stanwich Rd to Valley on a road bike is pure heaven. In a car not so good.

  8. AJ

    Back in the day, Cognewaugh was “the” sports car high speed test track — at night, of course, so you could see traffic coming the other way. The Mianus River Park off Cognewaugh has great running trails. It’s too bad Stamford didn’t accept Champion Paper’s offered gift of the adjoining property which also had a number of great trails.

  9. Anonymous

    I couldn’t go to open houses today but the report I got from other agents is that this was an ugly house with bad flow and way over priced.

  10. dogwalker

    AJ beat me to it . . . the Mianus River Park is probably the second best park in town.