Unhinged or just contemptuous?

I'm in my element and creating jobs!

Obumpski claims his energy policy has created 2.7 million jobs. I suppose that a president who thinks drawing  unemployment is the same as actually, you know, working, can just invent a figure like 2.7 million out of thin air and add it to his list of accomplishments. Are Americans stupid enough to believe this? I do worry – we have a lot of college graduates out there.


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9 responses to “Unhinged or just contemptuous?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Seriously, I’m beginning to become alarmed. Full derangement has set in early. Jimmy Carter is that you at 1600 Penn Ave?

  2. Perfect backdrop for sure. BTW Chris, Reynolds was far from the only one banging that drum.

  3. Peg

    You tell me what’s scarier. That this guy is leading our nation – or – that there’s a good chance he’ll be doing it for another four years?

    How on Earth are there enough people out there willing to give him another term?

  4. Anonymous

    With a compliant media, the 2.7M figure will never be challenged and will become a talking point in this years election.

    The man is a fraud.

  5. AJ

    Hope and change you can believe in. It’s just that some of you aren’t believing hard enough and messing things up. Didn’t they play the Disney “when you make a wish upon a star theme song”? Didn’t he do his “keep hope alive” spiel? You should consider yourselves lucky that the annointed one is willing to waste another four years on all you ungrateful nonbelievers.

  6. AJ

    Perhaps it’s time for a replay of Jimmy Carter’s Sermon from the mountain: Jimmy’s answer to desperate times, remember?

  7. Inagua

    “How on Earth are there enough people out there willing to give him another term?”

    Simple, the electorate is split roughly 47/47, and the so-called independents (really the inattentives) pick the president. And they always pick the more normal candidate: Bush over Dukakis in his tank; Clinton over the Bush mystified by checkout scanners; Cinton over Dole, the soon-to-be Viagra spokesman; Bush over the Internet inventor in his natural-toned suits; Bush again over the Navy veteran hated by everyone whom served with him; Obama over McCain; and now Obama again over a awkward Mormon investment manager who has a multi-million IRA in the Cayman Islands.

    Sorry, Peg, there just aren’t enough voters who are as rational and informed as you are. Obama will be re-elected and we will soon be living in a Europea-style entitlement state. Get used to slow growth, high unemloyment, and lower living standards. The last three years are but a prelude to the next 30 years.

  8. Peg

    Inagua: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 😦