What price Riverside?

I saw 27 Leeward Lane today and wondered a bit at its asking price of $4.875 million. It’s a nice house, beautifully expanded by the architect Phil Bartels and one of Greenwich’s best builders, Doran Sabag and I don’t question that, having bought the original 1947 house for $2.1 million in 2001, the sellers have put a whole lot of money – I mean, a whole lot of money – into the house as it now exists. Neither Bartels nor Sabag come cheap.

But that still leaves you with 1947 ceilings – low – and a relatively small house of under 5,000 square feet. The house that’s gone up between this one and the water does no favors to #27’s view and the yard is – limited. That said, while I don’t think an out-of-towner will ever “get” this house or its price, a Riversider just might. Leeward’s a funny street: cheap, mid-60’s builder crapolas in the beginning and then some very nice, very expensive homes at the end. This one’s in the expensive section. And Riversiders seem quite fond of Leeward and willing to pay a premium to live here. It’s about half-way down Indian Head so it’s pretty convenient and there are those views, partially blocked as they are. So I’m guessing it will sell, but not to someone new to town.


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3 responses to “What price Riverside?

  1. Anonymous

    another delusional riversider that thinks because he lives in riverside, he can price his home above market values. chris, send him your inspiring quarterly updates…

  2. Anonymous

    I saw the house and would agree with your comments. It is a beautifuly done house with partial views of the water from some rooms, but lacks the space and some amenities of other hosues in the same price range. That being said, I could definitely see this fetching close to its asking price. It really is well done.

    Doron Sabog is building two other houses on this street and one of the crapolas you mentioned near the beginning of the street is rumored to be coming on the market soon, which would likely be a tear down. After all of this construction, Leeward will be pretty transformed relative to your days playing with the Sullivan kids and their pony!

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    I love this street. Wish I lived there, but I am north of them on Indian Head Rd. The house that went up between them and the water views should be a bed and breakfast, but I suspect a max of 4 people (and only 2 adults there).

    This house looks nice from the outside. Maybe if they get this price, it helps me as a comp.