$25 light bulbs? Right ahead of $40,000 entry level cars

They’re here, and aren’t we lucky? But don’t worry, it’s all for the common good.

$25 for a lightbulb?

Yep. It may be hard to swallow, but the investment will pay off down the road.

Not for consumers, of course, but who said this was about them? Imagine the fun next time you move into a rental house whose previous tenant will naturally have taken all the bulbs with him. That’ll be some big bucks to come up with for some people but hell, if they can afford a Volt they can afford bulbs. And if not, ef’m- they can walk home and sit in the dark


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12 responses to “$25 light bulbs? Right ahead of $40,000 entry level cars

  1. Peg

    Yeah – I’m sure the “investment will pay off” as it did for the couple that ponyed up for solar investments in their house……. 45 years later, they will reap the rewards.

    I have stocked up a ton on the 75’s, 60’s and 40’s. (The 40’s serve as Mr Mollo’s nighty-night light.) 100’s are too bright for me.

    If I have to hoard enough bulbs to last me for years, I will. No one will pry my beloved low cost, beautiful light incandescents from my hands!!!

  2. AJ

    Those expensive bulbs are supposed to last five years; I’ve tried maybe no more than a dozen of them, probably less, and had about a third of them fail in less than six months. Besides incandescent bulbs give off heat — a good thing in the winter — and contain no toxic chemicals that sooner or later will end up in your food and water.

  3. DollarBill

    Of all the most pointless right wingnut fixations, none is more fatuous than this obsession with light bulbs… Next thing you know, CF, you’ll be saying the Feds want us to use sandpaper for toilet paper.


  4. peeps

    DollarBill – The would save money and energy if a person needed dermabrasion.

  5. Peg

    Maybe Dollar Bill can explain to us why liberals are very supportive of choice when it comes to abortion – and – that’s about it.

    When it comes to the kind of light bulbs we can use, the food we can eat, the cars we can drive, the oil we can put into ’em, the substances we can smoke, the speech we can use – yada yada yada – they want to make laws controlling what we do and limiting our choices to what they like.

    I agree with those on the left who say, “Don’t like abortion? Then don’t get one.” (At least, I agree with it early in a pregnancy. So, to the $Bill’s of the world, I say, “Don’t like these lovely, inexpensive old-fashioned incandescents? Then do NOT buy the damn things!”

  6. Just_looking

    @ Db, the light bulb issue is neither pointless nor silly. It is such an obvious example of what is so wrong with the morons in charge. That is why it is brought out so often.

  7. For some reason in Germany it’s common practice to remove everything not permanently installed when a house is sold – light bulbs, window treatments, even the oven racks.

    Once a custom like this gets started it’s embedded. People need all of that stuff to move into the stripped house they’re buying.

  8. HG

    DB: the light bulb fiasco may be small in material or economic importance but, then again, so would be, say, the right to burn the American flag. The objection is not that light bulbs are hugely important, but that the role of government is hugely important. If, in fact, installing these bulbs has a high economic payoff, the “market” (which you will sneer at) should drive adoption without a mandate from the government. In order to support this, you have to believe either (a) people are too stupid to choose the high economic payoff; (b) people have no time to learn about the subject; or (c) the high economic payoff from outlawing incandescent bulbs is not true, but use of incandescent bulbs imposes a cost on society that is not captured by the economics between the buyer and seller (pollution being the classic example). Liberals in favor of this law rarely argue “c” because they want to argue the narrow practical issue rather than the first principle. The clash of first principles here is “experts should order much of your life” (liberal) versus “freedom” (conservative).

    Would you care to nominate any other areas of your life that could benefit from expert ‘advice’ from the government? How about furniture and rugs that are more durable? Does your grass use too much water? Are you living in too much space and using too much of your money on housing?

  9. Martha

    I just read that CFLs labeled 2700k give light like an incandescent. Has anyone tried this? I am very frustrated trying to find floods for the overhead cans. My house must have 200 of them and everyone I buy (cfl) has a different tone- the green ones are the worst! Pink is pretty bad too, though…I only need 60w. 100s are too bright for me too

    AJ my husband thinks the same thing about lightbulb heat.