If at first you don’t succeed

180 North Street

180 North Street, which failed to sell for $5.495 million in 2007 has returned to the market, now pegged at $3.995. I liked this house very much when I saw it back then but I didn’t like its price. Neither did anyone else, apparently, so it’s still with us. Convenient location but it is on the first (or the last, depending on your speed) big curve on North Street – that may deter some buyers, especially if they visit during rush hour. But $4 million is an improvement over $5.5, so maybe that’ll do the trick.


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5 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed

  1. horse jock

    Does Tinkerbell come with it?

  2. Looking in Riverside

    Bad property and the curve is so dangerous. Pass.

  3. anonymous

    Built on a swamp, the house boasts a massive Rube Goldberg water removal system in the basement.

  4. Cobra

    Why are none of the illustrations of the inside of the home, as is the usual practice?