How to tell when you ex is angy with you


She drives her car through your door.

• Sheri [sic] G. Lampert, 54, of 21 Meadowcroft Road, was charged Monday with breach of peace and second-degree criminal mischief after she allegedly drove a vehicle through the garage door of a Doubling Road residence, police said.

Upon arrival, responding officers observed a woman standing on the front steps of the residence, screaming at the door, police said. The vehicle had front end damage, and pieces of wood were sticking out of the hood, police said.

The garage door was also damaged, police said. Lampert admitted driving the vehicle through the door, according to police.

Lampert is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Wednesday.

UPDATE: Shari Lampert and her husband Spencer bought the Col. Bolling estate on Doubling Road, Grayledge” in 2001 and tore it down in 2004.

In 1918, Bolling was posthumously awarded the Legion of Honor and the Distinguished Service medal.  An airbase in Washington DC was named Bolling Air Force Base.  Several monuments were built in his honor, including the one in Greenwich. Money was solicited from town citizens for the monument.  It was unveiled in 1922.  The sculpture and stone base weighed 500 pounds.  Approximately $15,000 was raised in 1977 to clean and repair the monument.

The Greyledge estate was not so fortunate.  After many years of occupancy by the Bollings, after the 1960s the estate passed from person to person.  In 2001, Spencer and Shari Lampert bought the house for $7.6 million.  In 2004, it was put on the market for $8 million, but nobody “bit”.  Despite public outcry, Greyledge was demolished in 2006 to make way for a new mansion.  A great historic house was gone forever.

UPDATE: Spencer is a Tudor. Managing director, in fact, or he was.


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7 responses to “How to tell when you ex is angy with you

  1. Cos Cobber

    So is this Eddie Lampert’s wife?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Sure they are younger, but man you missed an opportunity to have fun here anyway.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Ahh, I remember that Colonel Bolling story.

  4. Anonymous

    Too bad the bad blood didn’t flair up before they tore down Greyledge. Spencer’s been living next door in a rental (?) at 129 Doubling while Shari is/was living at 31 Meadowcroft. No idea if she owns it or not but it was last sold in 2004. Did the paper deliberately mistate the addres or not? There’s no 21 Meadowcroft or were they just taking the police and Shari’s word on the address?

    ESL was born in 1962, at best, this is an older sib/half/cousin…at worst, the guy’s no relation at all. Spencer William Lampert was born circa 1959-1960.

  5. Another Reader

    Eddie Lampert lives on Field Point Circle. He at least had the sense to improve the estate he bought rather than knock it down and leave an empty lot like Spencer.