Even the National Association of Realtors finally gets it – just don’t tell that flack economist they use for press releases

Closer to the bottom of the market with each passing second

The current issue of NAR’s magazine, usually consigned to the bathroom reading material bin, is almost entirely devoted to the collapsed real estate market. Under the heading “A Clean Slate” the magazine offers articles on short sales, REO’s (bank owned properties) and even depression, that of sellers and agents themselves. Hmm.

Discussion among my peers on today’s open house circuit (which offered nothing notable) was how much the market sucked. Hmm again.


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5 responses to “Even the National Association of Realtors finally gets it – just don’t tell that flack economist they use for press releases

  1. FlyAngler

    Chris – What’s with the “hmms”? Are you suggeting that the NAR and your fellow Realtors might now be a contra-indicator signifying a bottom is coming or here? Is this the equivalent of “Buy Stocks” appearing on the cover of Time Magazine?

    Some smart Wall Street money is investing that way – the same type of folks who were shorting RE through MBS back in 2006-07.

  2. Anonymous

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