Off to see open houses

A couple I don’t need to see because I’ve been there so many times before:

85 Richmond Hill Drive. Sold for $7.1 million in the boom days of 2006, relisted exactly one year later, unchanged, for $8.9 million (huh?) and then dropped, I’m not kidding you, to $8.895. That didn’t work – go figure, so it’s back today at $6.750; an improvement, but are we really at 2006 price levels? I think not.

Same thing with 297 Round Hill Road, a terrific house back when it sold for $5.7 in 2006, dressed up in that awful back country style by the new owners and sold for a loss, $5.212, in 2010 and asking $5.4 today. I’d guess mid-to-low $4s, but I’m just guessing. Someone else may like the new interior.


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5 responses to “Off to see open houses

  1. Stanwich

    The Round Hill property is really poor taste inside. Way too country for most buyers.

  2. Anonymous

    hey chris… any color on why that RH property has traded so often?

  3. Real Estate Junkie

    What’s up with the rocks in the “Family Room” of the RHR house?

  4. Anonymous

    @REJ, I thought the same thing, then I noticed the TV and wondered why it was mounted on a stripper pole. 🙂

    Then I wondered why the realtor™ felt the need to “feature” that oddity.