A good house in Riverside

Or at least I thought so – certainly it was the stand-out in the otherwise-sparce open house list today. 16 Lake Drive South – purchased for $1.8 million in 2003, asking $2.1 now. The previous owners punched out the back and added a master bedroom/bath upstairs and a very nice kitchen below and, while these sellers may not have done anything since then, they’ve certainly maintained it and it looks great. A little choppy upstairs with a couple of three-step platforms to different rooms but perhaps that was the 1920’s version of a split level. Not objectionable, to me, just something to get used to.

Far more charm than anything built in the past fifty years and a good location. I think Shore & Country has priced it fairly and I’m sure other agents will think so too. In the $2 million market and looking in Riverside? So are a hundred other buyers and I bet this one goes quickly..


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11 responses to “A good house in Riverside

  1. Anonymous

    Looks great ….. I am surprised you are posting it here and not saving it for your own clients.

  2. Real Estate Junkie

    Looking at the pictures of the house, and it looks nice. But, why oh why do people think it’s ok to put a toilet right next to a sink in a master bathroom?

    • I once a spec mansion on North Street that placed the toilet about a foot from the tub-odd, because that master bath was 15 yards across and had plenty of room to distance the two. House never sold.

  3. Anonymous

    @REJ, because that’s where toilets are usually placed in older homes? I don’t recall toilet containment cubicles until the 80’s? At least in smaller and older middle class homes… Does it actually matter if the seat has been lowered before flushing? They do make toilets that will close their own lids now for the lazy or forgetful. šŸ™‚

  4. Real Estate Junkie

    @Anonymous….yes it matters! First, the last thing I want to see is my spouse doing his/her business when I need to brush my teeth. It’s not an attractive visual. And second, it’s a $2M house. Anywhere else in America that would be considered “rich.” Here? A “middle class” home. Only in Greenwich, kids. Only in Greenwich.

  5. Anonymous

    REJ, don’t be such a prude. If your wife can pee while you’re brushing your teeth a mere few feet away, you have liberty to fart in her general direction.

  6. Real Estate Junkie

    Anonymous. Free standing toilets in master bathrooms just ain’t my thing.

  7. Anonymous

    @REJ. First, there are two or three anonymii in this thread. šŸ˜†

    I posted the 2nd (and now, maybe) the fourth. I agree that’s it not the most pleasant way to start your morning but it’s pretty much a reality in an older middle class home. How do you make room for a seperate WC in an older home without stealing closet space or square footage from the master bedroom. My smallish (ha! super small) house was built in the mid-1980’s and has a sink/counter area seperate from the toilet and shower/tub combo. It makes a smallish bathroom even smaller and is frustrating to say the least. I’m getting ready to do a remodel and have strongly considered taking out that wall and door to be able to reconfigure the space without stealing area away from the bedroom. We’ll see…

  8. Anon

    What’s your view on Knoll Street

    • Not a through street, so little traffic, mostly older homes that have been modestly renovated, convenient location and moderate pricing that seems to have held up pretty well during the past four years.