But it was spent for the greater good!

$118 million of your money down the rat hole as electric car battery supplier goes bust. Will Joe Biden, who went to the factory last year for a photo-op, return to attend the bankruptcy hearings?


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8 responses to “But it was spent for the greater good!

  1. AJ

    Instead of all this screwing around with lithium batteries, why doesn’t the government just sieze the rights to the NiMH batteries from the oil company that has buried the technology at a fair price by way of eminent domain or in the interest of national security, then maybe people who want an electric car can have one that works, and the rest of can have petrol at reasonable price. http://www.ev1.org/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCBc8pL1SGc

  2. Anonymous2

    Let’s look on the bright side: after this, Solyndra and a few others the environmentalist/global warmistra garbage is being shown up for what it is: garbage. The cost of these shady crony-capitalist deals pales beside the cost we all might have faced for having to actually buy their looney-tunes products.

  3. AJ

    Nope, not kidding. Never been in favor of the government seizing
    anything, but sometimes eminent domain works, though not as used in
    New London where property owners were denied the profit of selling their
    land to developers, but had the state take their land and give the profit to
    their crony developers. That is theft at the point of a gun. But eminent
    domain isn’t always bad: I don’t think there is anybody who thinks that
    we’d be better off had the turnpike never been built, and that the main
    way to get across the state was still the Post Road. Or even if there was a
    way to do it with no cost involved, that the turnpike should be torn down
    and the land given back to the original owners — an absurd example, but
    you get my point. Some of my grandparent’s land was taken for the
    turnpike and they were compensated to the degree that it was almost like
    winning the lottery.

    Naturally, it’s someone’s right to purchase whatever they want and do with
    it whatever they will. But to kill technicological advances to protect your
    outdated technology is sort of evil. I’m sure there is no shortage of
    examples of things of this nature that have cost many their lives just so
    some company can continue to profit from their inferior but established
    product. For instance in the case of the Ford Explorers with the Firestone
    tires, for an extra two cents per tire –the installation of nylon belting– the
    problem could have been solved. But tire companies found that it’s less
    expensive to settle any lawsuits brought against them that might prevail
    than pay the two cents. The fact that they were killing people was of no
    consequence to them — the extra two cents per tire profit meant more to
    them than the life of your mother, your brother, your daughter, or your
    son. Another example that comes to mind that perfectly describes the
    attitude of corporations was a company that made green, I assume
    vegetarian, dog chews that were killing dogs in a most painful manner.
    When the facts came to light, the company’s concern was not the pain
    and suffering that they had caused, but that their company was going to
    fail — they wanted to keep selling the product.

    And don’t even get me started on all the bogus wars we’re fighting and
    not just the sacrifice of life and limb, which everyone acknowledges, but
    the cost to the economy and our national prestige, which few take into
    consideration. We have long since lost any claim to moral authority. And
    all this just to satisfy political agendas and enrich the few. These wars
    have been a major theft of our national treasure.

    And then there’s the Fed, aside from the fact that just printing money
    causes us to owe almost half of that newly printed dollar to be owed as
    interest to private entities before it even goes into circulation, they are
    stealing from all of us, giving out trillions to their banker and investment
    banker friends, many of them not even American, like money was candy,
    and we’re not even allowed to see what they’re up to. This is theft at the
    point of a gun. And their solution to “too big to fail” was to let the banks
    merge and make them even bigger, and to allow them to cover their tens
    of trillions, perhaps even hundreds of trillions of dollars of unregulated
    derivatives under FDIC. And you know who is paying for that? You and
    me. And of course, if there’s a run on the banks, you know who ain’t
    getting their money: you and me. So the government has no trouble
    taking from we the people, the small businessman and the average Joe
    who gets up and goes to work everyday, trying to make ends meet. They
    have no problem taking people’s homes through chicanery that was
    intentionally designed to take people to the cleaners, then fraudulently
    packaging it as securites so they could steal from the back as well as the
    front end. And then we’re told no one commited a crime.

    We give tens of billions in subsidies and tax breaks to big oil, so chances
    are the rights to the NiMH batteries were paid for with our tax dollars — we
    give them money, so they can steal from us. Smart. Not only do these
    subsidies and tax breaks give the old and established an advantage that
    suppress start ups; it forces us to live with the decaying and nonfunctional
    when better solutions could be brought forward. But beyond that, why do
    you think that big oil bought this technology only to suppress it? Because
    it doesn’t work? not likely: if it was a folly they could have let it die out on
    its own.

    Don’t believe all the articles that tell you the EV1 didn’t work. Every article
    that interviews the owners finds them saying that they loved the cars —
    they worked. It’s true that a lie told often enough becomes the truth; they
    lie because it works. And I have to wonder if the CEO of GM didn’t take a
    huge envelope of cash under the table for killing a product that customers
    loved and saying it sucked. But GM did more than just kill it: they did their
    best to reclaim and physically destroy every car that was in existence.

    The government has all sorts of trolls out working all the dissenting blogs
    and forums doing their best to stomp out anything that goes against their
    agenda. I’m sick of corporatocracy and the president as Emperor. If we
    can take something back from these bastards that’s to the advantage of
    the country as a whole, then I’m for that. And if my opinion that what’s
    good for the country at the expense of evil multi-nationals is a good idea
    leads people to believe that I’ve been sucking on a bong, all I can say is
    bring on the shwag.

    Everyday there’s a new example that sickens me. Today it’s ACTA —
    worse than SOPA and PIPA — with the president deciding he doesn’t
    need congress to pass new laws and international treaties. But even
    better is that New York has decided that if you want to take your SATs
    you’ll have to give them a DNA sample –not law yet, but they’re working
    on it. Thank god for blogs and forums: it’s through the Internet that people
    are beginning to snap out of it and wake up.

    Support Ron Paul, not with just your vote, but with your money and your
    time. He’s the only one that’s different; he’s the only one who will even
    attempt to pull us out of our death spiral into hell. Even if you think he’s
    scary, even if you think he’s crazy, the status quo is even scarier, the
    status quo is even crazier.

  4. AJ

    Whoa, that was a huge dump. Sorry for the redundancies and some bizzarre sentence structure, but if I did second drafts and careful editing the comments would be irrelevant by the time I got them posted.

  5. Anonymous

    Good luck AJ. CF knows who butters his bread.

  6. Riversider

    Ron Paul is a freakshow. No thanks.