Bank sale

Thirty Crescent Road, which we’ve discussed here before, has an accepted offer. Sold for $1.760 million in 2004, owed a mortgage, now foreclosed, of $1.4 million, asking price of the bank was $1.299. This was once a very nice 1946 house although the Thruway cutting through its back yard in 1958 (?) didn’t improve it. No word on its present condition, which usually deteriorates during a foreclosure, nor what the final sales price will be. I’d guess close to the asking.


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2 responses to “Bank sale

  1. Anonymous

    Argh! You’re trolling your readers now.

    Especially given your previous love (and sales) of 29 and 33 Crescent. 29 is on a lot 10k+ sft smaller than 30, and well, 33’s lot is just a smidge bigger than 1/2 the size of 30’s. Perhaps their smaller lots are more level though.

  2. Spencercat

    Anonymous – you can’t be serious, comparing a 60+ yo house with new construction, esp. where the lots across the street are gently sloped, while the backyard of 30 is dangerous to walk around after dark because you might fall off the cliff!