Good bye to all that

Shall I super-size that drink for you?

Hillary is quitting. I won’t miss her.


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6 responses to “Good bye to all that

  1. Anonymous

    i’ll miss her new do

  2. AJ

    I know I’ve posted this video previously, but for those who missed it, Hillary brings new meaning to the words lowlife, thieving, backstabbing scum. I’ve no doubt that she’ll soon be joining her globalist husband in his efforts to turn our country into a Third World hellhole.

  3. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Going back to her very profitable cattle futures trading firm….

  4. Just The Facts!

    Watch out guys….Hillary looks like she will be making a move on the Big O….Ted Kennedy style. Few recall the moves in the ’80 election against Carter. Leaving this early in the season damages Obama seriously and gives her crowd more prominence for a run in the Democratic Party. Remember, the Republicans are not the only divisive party…JTF!

  5. > I won’t miss her.

    Isn’t that what people used to say about George W. Bush?

  6. Cobra

    Obozo will dump the ever eloquent Joe Bite Me and replace him with Shrillary for the 2012 election, thus nearly guaranteeing her the Demonrat nomination for 2016. But, as they say, Shrillary sucks, but not like Monica.