More cheerful news: California is going to eliminate cars by 2025

Fun while it lasted

And American car makes are too afraid of the government to protest it. In California alone, the mandate is for 1.4 million electric cars on the roads compared to 10,000 today. Coupled with Congress’s new CAFE standards and using the government’s “economists’ ” figures (others predict those numbers will be actually double) the cost of a new car will increase at least $6,000 ($4,000 for fed fuel standards, $2,000 for California’s). Pricing consumers out of the car market is in fact the least of the difficulties facing automakers; the real problem is that there is no market for electric cars,so how do you force 1.4 million people to buy one? And what will be the effect on travel, entertainment and business when no one can drive more than 40 miles from their home. If you detect the odor of new federal mandates in the air, your senses are working just fine.


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4 responses to “More cheerful news: California is going to eliminate cars by 2025

  1. Cos Cobber

    But car dealers in Nevada have to be thrilled. They will be selling and state of Nevada will be registering cars like crazy.

  2. AJ

    Jeez, you’re like a damn whac-a-mole, no wonder you prevail in an industry
    where others barely survive. The Toyota RAV4-EV and the GMC EV1
    worked. The people who owned them loved them and found them
    inexpensive to own and operate. Big oil didn’t buy the rights to the NiMH
    batteries because they saw it as a folly doomed to fail but because they
    saw it as a serious threat. Just go down to Tod’s some early, calm-wind
    morning and take a look at the NYC skyline — it looks like pheasant under
    tinted glass, a dome of foul brown air, and I’m sure LA air is several time
    worse. Living there is probably the equivalent of smoking three packs a
    day. But why even attempt solve the air pollution problem when you can
    just pick on smokers and give them dirty looks instead. Again: the story of
    the EV1 and RAV4-EV:

  3. Anonymous

    @Cos Cobber, you’ve been full of zingers all day today, thanks for the many laughs. 😆

    Unfortunately, California will get you coming and going as you CANNOT register a new vehicle in Ca. if it doesn’t meet Ca. standards.

    You have 20 days to register your vehicle before you’re out of compliance (huge fines if caught).

    I can’t find the page right now but I believe it becomes a moving violation after 20 days and I believe they cooperate with the Ca. Franchise Tax Board on cross-referencing tax returns with vehicle registrations. There are a few ways around it but I’m sure those will stiffen as the deadline approaches. What I think will happen is that we’ll see a surge of new vehicle purchases prior to the 2018 partial phase-in of the new regs.