Another bump in our budget?

Billions for a bagel

(Okay, the guy who posed for that iconic crying Tonto ad was actually Jewish but what’s wrong with using him to depict one of the lost tribes? Ask Mitt. And at least they didn’t photoshop off one of his legs.)

But here’s the deal: our own phony Indians, those black guys up in Moodus – (?) somewhere in Connecticut’s desolate northeast – have run out of money and are trying to recast their deal with their creditors. Just like Greece, they’ve already been declared a group likely to be “unable to continue as a going concern”, which is pretty much like saying a lung cancer patient is in “stable condition”. The boyz have squandered their billions, owe billions more, had to cease handing out cash to their hanger-on constituents and bankruptcy is next. What happens then to the $100 million or so they’ve been passing along to Connecticut pols? Brace yourself, Bridget. I wonder what an all-feta diet will taste like?


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4 responses to “Another bump in our budget?

  1. Fred2

    Good god, it’s true, even given a license to print money they ran out of it.

  2. So they’ve been whacked by the recession and a glut of casinos chasing too few idiots customers, so they double down:

    “Mohegan “has entered into a lease agreement for a 152- acre site located in Palmer, Massachusetts, which would serve as a potential site for gaming development,” the company said in its annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 29”

    They better hope for change.

  3. John

    I wondered about Palmer too, it’s within two hours of Ledyard, no? Is saving the Springfield, Ma gambling crowd a couple of hours ride going to save the Pequots? Former Chief Skip Hayward may not have had much in the way of formal education but he found his way to Washington DC and eventually the big bucks. The crowd that ousted him and took over the Tribe were not as bright. The Bondholder’s Grandkids will be waiting for the money in the distant future.


  4. AJ

    Only the Mohigans — no, they’re not the Mohicans: I looked it up — and Trump have gone broke running a casino. How do you do that? Wouldn’t that be like losing money running a three card monty set up on 5th Avenue? What are the odds of having that happen? About the same ass winning the lottery, I’d guess.