377 Cognewaugh redux

Last week I praised this new listing at 377 Cognewaugh but several readers commented that the pictures of the place were simply horrible. I heard from the listing agent, Sandi Klein Friday and she explained that those were temporary pictures, posted while awaiting the professional photographer to complete his or her work. The new, much better pictures are now up and available at the (second) link here.

Sandi is a very experienced. successful agent so it’s no surprise she was doing the right thing all along. And by the way, I still like the house.


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11 responses to “377 Cognewaugh redux

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This is a pretty good read:

    I think Ruthie and the kids knew. But maybe not. What do you think? I like Ruthie. I bet she was a hottie in her day. And she understands Bernie getting some action on the side, and was cool with it.

    Anyhows, no matter what she knew, she has certainly paid a big price. Losing a child is something no one gets over. And she must feel responsible for it. I can’t imagine how someone deals with that.
    Where do you want to watch the Super Bowl? I am going out to buy blue face paint. You need anything?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    Great photos except for the cat tower in the GYM photo! I guess the Cat is in good shape, but the photo is for the dogs!

    I guess the owner, Kendrick Wakeman, a financier who’s bounced around http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kendrick-wakeman-cfa/13/480/188, was drinking his own bath water.

    Take a look at his For Sale By Owner history http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/377-Cognewaugh-Rd-Cos-Cob-CT-06807/57318370_zpid/. He’s been trying to sell since 9/2009. After posting an ask of $3,995,000, he lowered his price, one month later, a whole thousand bucks, to $3,994,000! Then two months later, that December, popped it back up again, hoping, I guess for an extra thou under the Christmas tree or Hanukah menorah or whatever.

    The house is OK but, imho, would be improved minus the deer head, green master, and wine cave. While the new price his realtor posted is certainly more reasonable, I’d be surprised if he gets it.

  4. Now wait a minute. The woman is a good agent, you say? I’ll take your word, I don’t know her from adam, but, and I emphatically say, there was no excuse for putting in lousy temporary photos. Alot of agents use the template pic “too recent a listing” until such a time good photos can be posted. I’d say she got caught posting really lousy photos and had no choice but to improve them. But if you are happy for her that she “did the right thing”, okay. Me, I’m a little more jaded in why she really had a professional come in. But that’s just me.
    We’re off to bust the chops of some California realtor, as this weather and location agree with us.
    By the way, that’ll be $20 for using my trademarked name “redux.” 🙂

  5. Cobra

    What’s a cat tower? When I saw the “Gym” photo, I assumed the family had some really bizarre offspring.

  6. Inagua

    Walt – Ruthie knew. Bernie didn’t start the Ponzi; he married into it. The Ponzi was started by Ruth’s father, Saul Alpern. He was selling the Ponzi out of his accounting firm, and Ruth and Bernie started selling it immediately after their marriage. Since Bernie was too dumb to pass the CPA test and therefore couldn’t join the accounting firm, Saul set up 21-year old Bernie in the securities business, a business that Bernie had never worked in, but turned out to be a better cover than a CPA firm. The Ponzi was originally based on the sale of “investment notes,” but with a securities firm cover, the Ponzi could represent itself as being in the securities investment business. And the rubes fell for the hoax of an option split strike conversion strategy that produced a steady 1% a month return. And it worked for almost 40 years.

  7. Real Estate Junkie

    Looks like a strange house – with absolutely no curb appeal what-so-ever. And wow – the owner really likes GREEN – so much that he plastered his entire master bedroom in the color (note: buyer will have to re-do decorating). Gotta love the Greenwich finance guys. I’m guessing low 2s….I mean – 126 Cat Rock just sold for 3.2 and change, and that was a stellar house with a gorgeous pool. This is on a less than desirable street, no pool and a funky house. Again, low 2s.

  8. Walt

    Iguana –
    I think you are right. With all kidding aside. So Ruthie knew. I will give you that. For arguments sake, because I am not sure she did. But her son hung himself on a dog leash. In his home. With his kid in the house. How does a mother deal with that? I think she was a women blinded by love with a flawed man. And she couldn’t see through it. I actually wish I could find a woman like that.
    Anyhows, no matter how you look at it, it’s a train wreck.
    Your Pal,

  9. Anon1

    Ugly outside, yard, inside and pricing. Good luck.

  10. Send in the Clowns

    Better but still not great – they all look slightly out of focus to me.