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Fly away, little bird!


Last one to St. Pete's is a doody head

We’re Number One! Connecticut the worst (most expensive) state to retire in. But we won’t miss those estate taxes, what with all our casino money flooding in.


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From my email archives

Andrew Pighill (NYT, Suzanne DChillo)

Unearthed from July, heretofore unread, a link to this NYT article on Greenwich resident Andrew Pighill (well of course he’s English – what would you think, with a name like that?). He builds dry stone walls, teaches amateurs how to do it and sounds like a fascinating guy. I’ve done some of this myself and while I wouldn’t claim to be a craftsman, my terraced walls built in the mid-90s are still holding up – more than I can say for myself.


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Eric Holder lied to Congress?

I only lie when necessary; Unfortunately, that seems to be all the time, but I'm otherwise honest.

Sure seems like it. It is a crime for anyone to do that – see, eg, Roger “Steroids” Clemens – but the Attorney General is especially not supposed to do that. He’s been lying to everyone since he crawled into office, of course,but this time there are emails that will nail him. He’s due back before Congress this Thursday to try again to explain what he knew and when he knew it – I don’t think even Obumpkin can save him now but then again, never doubt the power of the presidency.

By the way, this gun running operation, “Fast and Furious”, is the scandal that the lunatic Left had so much fun poo poohing last year and denouncing those who said Holder knew all about it long before he swore to Congress he didn’t. Why, people like us were as deluded as those who deny global warming!


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There’s always money for prime waterfront

545 Indian Field Road, right on the water in Mead point, has gone to contract, asking price $12.999 million. One of the finest houses in town, in my opinion. Old, beautiful and just what Greenwich once was. 243 DOM which, given this price, is excellent.

Everything else reported today, and there isn’t much, was priced below a million. Feast or famine.


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Winthrop Drive transformed

I saw a crane towering overhead on Winthrop so I drove in and saw quite a building boom. That modular a reader wonder about last week is being erected here – it’s huge – plus there’s a stick-built home almost framed and what looks to be dumpster fodder up the street at 44, ready to go. Assuming these are going to be mid-to high $3 houses, they, as well as recent sales the past few years on this street, will have changed this from a great neighborhood of modest homes to well, something else. Still going to be a nice street but it won’t be affordable. So it goes.


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Oh, Lordie

British couple arrested, jailed with drug dealers and then deported after TSA discovers a Twitter claiming they’re going to dig up Marilyn Monroe. What’s scarier, that the TSA is monitoring everyone’s Twitters (I don’t use it for just that reason, though obviously they are also monitoring email and blogs) or that the TSA goons are absolutely humorless? They must be liberals.


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Are we there yet?

Columbia University grads accepting their due

Some think so – we’ve become a Nation of Moochers.


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Finally, a price increase that I can understand

3 Dewart Road is a rental that asked $10,000 back at the end of August, dropped eventually as low as $7,500 (not a bad price for today’s rental market) and then increased that today to $8,500. Sounds like the usual crazy owner who tries this but the listing notes that central air conditioning is being installed. So okay, that makes sense – a/c is expensive and I get it. Were I a renter, I’d still offer $7,000, just to see if he bites and also to teach him that, for rental property, don’t gild the lily.


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Isn’t this Greenwich Time publisher supposed to know better?

My seester or my burro - same price!

That Lincoln Log fellow is fulminating in his paper over the town’s “decision” to allow Dunkin Donuts to open in Old Greenwich. I haven’t had a chance to check this with Fudrucker, my source for all matters zoning, but from what I read, P&Z had no control over this store: it’s a permitted use and no special exceptions or variances were required. If the space it fits, you must permit. Or something like that.

I’m not wild about DD coming across the street because the very small parking space behind my office, which I pay rent on, is bound to be clogged with illegal parkers – whom we will tow, but what a pain. That said, that’s not the doughnut shop’s problem. Besides, if old Abe Lincoln there really thinks, as he says he does, that Dunkin Donuts brews the best coffee in the world, he’s obviously unqualified to speak on any matter relating to coffee: beans, traffic or even whether a store is pretty in pink.


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Getting long in the tooth

(Picture circa 2007)

While waiting for something to get reported on the MLS (it’s past 11:00 and still nothing – maybe the office is closed today) I was prowling listings on behalf of a client and came across this old chestnut, 502 Cognewaugh Road; I didn’t realize it was still around. It started, new, back in 2007 asking $6.995 million and now, five years later, it’s $3 million less, $4.195, but still available. I liked this house when I first saw it but now, unfair as that may be, it’s really on a death watch: how long can the owner/builder hold on?

I’m not saying that the would-be seller is in financial trouble – I have no knowledge whatsoever of his finances and for all I know he’s Michelle Obama’s bosom buddy and goes on weekly shopping splurges with her. But a miasma starts accumulating around listings as they age in place and sellers end up getting less than they could have had they priced their house appropriately in the first place. Don’t let that happen to you.


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They must be out buying panties instead of houses

10:40 AM, not a single real estate transaction reported. This time of year was once a busy market.

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If the Buffet rule applied to her, she’d be nakkid

Michelle spends $50,000 on underwear during NYC  shopping spree. While it’s certainly true that the Little People love the idea of their First Lady dressing in finery, I do wonder whether the woman’s husband has paid Peggy Joseph’s mortgage yet.

UPDATE: Tuition at Sidwell Friend’s School is $32,000 per kid. She spent just about that again, in one day, on bras and panties. Not bad on her husband’s salary of $400,000.

UPDATE II: White House denies story. “It wasn’t just lingerie, she also bought makeup, new shoes and a huge bag of Cheetos.”


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Bob Horton: bring algebra to Eight Grade

Bob thinks that one reason for or abysmal (53% or something like that) college graduation rate for GHS students is the lousy math education they receive in our schools – “Everyday Math” being a prime culprit. I should talk, as I barely got through Eight Grade algebra and in fact repeated it in Ninth Grade when a fantastic teacher, Mr. Neenan, helped me understand and even ace it. But then again, that Eight Grade teacher was Stan Snead, certainly the worst teacher in my checkered education in Greenwich.

Still, an interesting article, and an informative look across the border where they’re doing what Horton now advocates (if I remember, Bob did very well in math, so he may see less difficulty in this prescription than this dummy does).


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