Finally, a price increase that I can understand

3 Dewart Road is a rental that asked $10,000 back at the end of August, dropped eventually as low as $7,500 (not a bad price for today’s rental market) and then increased that today to $8,500. Sounds like the usual crazy owner who tries this but the listing notes that central air conditioning is being installed. So okay, that makes sense – a/c is expensive and I get it. Were I a renter, I’d still offer $7,000, just to see if he bites and also to teach him that, for rental property, don’t gild the lily.


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2 responses to “Finally, a price increase that I can understand

  1. I’m a little stunned that a house in this price range doesn’t have central a/c already.

  2. AJ

    You’re kidding, right? A rental for $7500 a month that doesn’t have central air? I didn’t know there was such a thing as a house that didn’t have central air nowadays. I could see an extra $1000 a month if utilities were included, which I could understand in an apartment, but not in a house for rent. Unless separate duct work for the ac was intalled, at that rate the owner should recoup his investment pretty quickly.