Fly away, little bird!


Last one to St. Pete's is a doody head

We’re Number One! Connecticut the worst (most expensive) state to retire in. But we won’t miss those estate taxes, what with all our casino money flooding in.


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9 responses to “Fly away, little bird!

  1. Cos Cobber

    Clearly this survey did not consult JHR and Dollarbill.

  2. Anonymous

    By and large, this outfit’s list of best places to retire = best places to die in, not best places to live in. Yes, it does cost a bit more to live and die in Connecticut, but there’s a reason for that, and it’s not just corrupt politicians: their “best places” have their fair share of those too.

    As in so many other things there is no free lunch , and you get what you pay for.

    Sure, Florida has no income or estate tax, but it is so junky and just plain icky compared to Connecticut. There are islands civility there, but their apparent need for “gated” communities is daunting. In Connecticut our “private associations” have much more to do with privacy than security from robbers, gangs and thugs.

    Tropical storms, tornadoes, lizards, alligators, scorpions, black widow spiders, water moccasins, rattlesnakes and rednecks are features of so many of their best places to retire. They can have them.

  3. Anonymous

    What “casino money flowing in”?

    Our former blowhard governor Lowell Weicker gave (practically) all of it away. If, as he said, casino gambling had to be legalized here to balance his budget, then all of those revenues should have flowed to the state treasury to relieve the taxpayers, not to phony “Indian” tribes.

  4. Reader

    That list of 5 worst states, CT, IL, VT, RI, and MA is a list of the 5 most Democrat states in the nation. Is that just a coincidence?

  5. Anonymous

    When we are losing to New York (or beating them?), you know that’s bad!

  6. Anonymous

    You wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us? The front page of today’s bedbug tabloid, Greenwich Time, deems these items of earth-shaking interest: 1. yet another article on bedbugs. 2. An article on “coffee wars” quoting a Mr. Guerrieri saying that “securing a liquor permit will help sustain the vibrancy of the Old Greenwich community.” 3. last, but not least, an article about whether or not the state claim’s czar will allow Charla Nash to sue the state for $150 million for “failing to permit a friend’s chimpanzee from mauling her face.”
    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition!

    • I have no problem turning Arcadia into a real restaurant – I do have a problem with the owner of Applausi trying to stop it because he fears competition. Greenwich Time, of course, need not fear competition from other pulp-based publications but it might worry about its continued relevance – if the police blotter goes on-line, GT is dead.

  7. Also Anonymous

    Among the readership there must be an equity research analyst who can give a better statement of gaming than this one for simpletons, but…
    … the long and the short of it is that gaming follows 30 – 40 year cycles, and has been used by some macro analysts as a marker of social change. For the private sector, gaming already has collapsed – just slightly before real estate in this last cycle – and no longer is an attractive investment. The idiots in government have yet to figure this out of course, and they pour their revenue hopes into it.