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Andrew Pighill (NYT, Suzanne DChillo)

Unearthed from July, heretofore unread, a link to this NYT article on Greenwich resident Andrew Pighill (well of course he’s English – what would you think, with a name like that?). He builds dry stone walls, teaches amateurs how to do it and sounds like a fascinating guy. I’ve done some of this myself and while I wouldn’t claim to be a craftsman, my terraced walls built in the mid-90s are still holding up – more than I can say for myself.


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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s his business website.

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. Note: Your link goes to my gmail!

    A friend of mine from Bedford wrote a well-received book about stone walls, Sermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York. She more than likely knows your Mr. Pighill, or he, her. It’s such an art and making beautiful stone walls is much harder than it seems.

  3. Sound Beacher

    Gee Chris, you’ve got to stay current. Mr. Pighills gave a facinating talk at the Perrot library back on Nov. 7th. He had taken photos of stonewalls around Old Greenwich and talked about thier history and style, etc. It was very interesting and the room was packed.

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone know what the town regs say with respect to dry stone walls? I was told that they were considered temporary structures and as such were treated more leniently by the powers that be at town hall….