Oh, Lordie

British couple arrested, jailed with drug dealers and then deported after TSA discovers a Twitter claiming they’re going to dig up Marilyn Monroe. What’s scarier, that the TSA is monitoring everyone’s Twitters (I don’t use it for just that reason, though obviously they are also monitoring email and blogs) or that the TSA goons are absolutely humorless? They must be liberals.


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4 responses to “Oh, Lordie

  1. Transmogrified Simian Anarchist

    Department of Homeland Stupidity

  2. Daniel

    If they did their research, TSA would know MM is in a crypt.
    Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962

  3. AJ

    Guess the TSA has never heard of tongue in cheek. But then my guess would be — just by looking at her — that neither has Janet Napolitano.

  4. Anonymous2

    This is the regime that never stops giving. How many days ago was it that Obummer was standing in front of that castle at Disney World trying to talk up foreign tourism to the US? Sadly this was a political freebee for the TSA: get tough with some white foreigners. How many Europeans will now sensibly keep their money at home?