Abandon ship!

26 Nimitz, over in Havemeyer, failed to sell at the height of the market in 2007 when it was priced at $1.050 million so after a year it was taken off, only to reappear in 2009 asking $1.250 million. This curious pricing strategy of raising the price while the market is dropping like a stone failed to work for mysterious reasons and so today, six agents and eight prices later, it’s reduced to $829,000. Hint to seller: it was never the fault of any of those agents that this failed to sell.


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6 responses to “Abandon ship!

  1. Shoeless

    The lot next door (16,500 sq ft) sold as a tear down fro 785k in 2009. Granted this lot is larger (20,000 sq ft), but its configuration actually limits the size of the potential house materially. It’s pizza slice shape means you could build a large house across the front of it, but leave yourself a somewhat cramped, triangle-shaped back yard.

    If they can fetch the 785k that the neighbors got, they should be pretty happy.

  2. anon

    how much worse can it get for bankers?

    Fred Goodwin, Royal Bank of Scotland
    Group Plc’s former chief executive officer, was stripped of his
    knighthood by the U.K. authorities after he led the 285-year-old
    lender into the world’s biggest bank bailout.

  3. Cobra

    Boo Radley’s house?

  4. Anonymous

    In 2007 they turned down $850K!!!

  5. AJ

    I can just see Property Ladder’s Kirsten Kemp standing out front of that place and shaking her head and talking about the virtues of landscaping and tidying up. One word decribes it as seen in the photo: Dilapidated.