Hmm, what to do?

Honey, we have company

Back from open houses (open house, actually). Nice place, although I’m pretty the buyer I had in mind for it won’t like its architecture or the layout of the kitchen/family area. I noticed a water stain on a section of the carpeting in the basement – “lower level”, at this price range – so I opened the door behind it to see what was up. A Bilco door leading up and outside, naturally and, judging from the sunlight I saw pouring in from its sides and top, the Sgt. Bilko there is probably the source of the rain water.

No big deal and easily remedied – by the seller, I would argue. But at the foot of the steps leading out, on either side, were two big rat baits, and don’t they pose an ethical dilemma? As listing agent, do you leave the baits where they are and thus alert the home buyer of the presence of pets, or do you remove them and let the happy new owners discover a native population of Willards themselves?

I think I move the baits.


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4 responses to “Hmm, what to do?

  1. Willard Romney? God forbid!!!!

  2. Real Estate Junkie

    Are you kidding me? Move the baits and buy a cat.

  3. AJ

    What king of crazy question is that? Rats are not a part of the listed property, the immovable, or immobilier as they like to call it here. Besides those are just the neighbor’s rats passing through on their way to a trashier neighborhood. I would no more leave the traps and mention rats than I would leave the yard and the house littered with trash and tell people I had a house keep and yard maintenance problem. Pests are temporary not part of the house. And then there’s Erin Brockovich.

  4. Lotus

    I told you where you can recharge. Now tell me where I can pick up some lunch?
    Fried rice anyone?