Like a bad penny, …

Don't look too closely

516 Round Hill Road is back on the market. Partially built by Greenwich’s own Dominick DeVito, construction was discontinued when Dom was shipped off to La Tuna prison in Texas for mortgage and insurance fraud (he’ll be back in 51 months, more or less, depending on good behavior). One of the mysteries of this place is how Patriot Bank could have advanced $6 million on what was just a basement with some framing on top but a former loan officer for that bank was in charge and, because his feelings were hurt when I discussed him last week I took down the offending post (my little brother Gideon runs into him at the Riverside Yacht Club and I didn’t want to make things awkward for Gid); you’ll just have to track him down and ask him for details.

In any event, that loan officer is gone, Patriot is grievously wounded and Dom’s out of commission, so someone had to step up and try to unload this masterpiece built on fill. And someone has. For a mere $9 million, the place can be yours. Was it torn down and rebuilt from scratch or did they take the existing structure and finish what was there, notwithstanding three or four years of exposure to the weather? Beats me, but I’m sure someone at the listing broker has the answer; I’d be sure to ask.

516 is just across the street from Leona’s place, also unsold at this writing, up the road from Frederic Bourke’s and a short drive from Raj’s. You’ll be in good company, if you like felons.


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10 responses to “Like a bad penny, …

  1. I think I’ve asked you this before but my addled brain doesn’t remember the answer: does CT have a full disclosure law for selling real estate in that if this house did sit open to the elements for years, it would have to be so stated on the listing sheet? I mean, if you don’t know TO ask, and the agent doesn’t share that little detail, and why would he/she, there might be mold and all kinds of good stuff hidden that even an inspector might not find before closing.

  2. I’m shocked, shocked that Riverside Yacht Club has such members!

  3. Anon2

    You mean [he who cannot be named]? Without a doubt the worst loan officer ever to work in this town? Is that the person you are talking about? 😉

  4. Real Estate Junkie

    Does the first name start with an “[x]”????

  5. Real Estate Junkie

    Ah, you edited my comment. Buzz kill.

    • I’m sorry RE Junkie, really, but I just decided to stay off the topic. Too bad, because my original post on the guy, pulled down last week, was declared by one reader who saw it my best of all time. I was so taken by that comment that I thought, screw it, let’s put it back up, but I’d trashed it and it’s beyond recall.

  6. not saying

    He (MZ) didn’t show up at the Old Greenwich Associaiton board meeting last week, but his is listed on the Board of Directors.