Looking like a bad year for tire salemen

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The broker open house list is out for today and there’s nothing on it but retreads. This is supposed to be the busy season but it’s obvious that those who don’t have to sell are holding their houses off the market, and the banks are doing the same thing with their portfolio of bad loans. There’s one new listing that I really should see because one of my clients has expressed a vague interest in the neighborhood but I see that its owner has restricted the time of the open house, which is always a bad sign: it portends difficulty in arranging showings in the future. On the other hand, with nothing else to visit, I have plenty of time to get to this one.


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2 responses to “Looking like a bad year for tire salemen

  1. I have some sympathy for the sellers as far as restricting showing times. The last time I had a house on the market we asked for three hours a week to be off limits so that my son could get tutoring in peace. Nobody paid the slightest attention to the notes on the listing.

    We’d also get calls from whomever was covering the phone at our agent’s office saying someone wanted to show the house “right now”. “Where are they?” we’d ask. “Parked out front.” was the inevitable answer. Some agent was driving buyers around and happened to see the sign. And this was in 2003, a very hot sellers market.

    I understand that showing and selling a house is a PITA, but a little consideration for the seller would be nice.

    • Absolutely, Richard, but broker open houses are held once a week so if one day is inconvenient, why not postpone to a better time? With luck, the seller will only have to endure 100 agents barging through the house once, and it is a chance to expose the house to all the active agents in town (the other 900 will be lunching with their Garden Club ladies) at once.