Maxwell House comes to Starbucks

Jesus Christ

A friend who has access to such stuff gave me a pound of Starbucks new “Blonde” bean so that I could decide for myself if it was as bad as I expected. It’s worse, bringing to mind Monty Python’s riff about Australian wines coming in a poor second to Aborigine armpit sweat. Who comes up with a product like this? How could a panel of coffee makers sit around the cupping room, taste what they had produced and declare it fit for pig washing and human consumption? Poor pigs.

The unused portion of those beans is headed for the Bridgeport incinerator and my friend is now off my Christmas list – his was a cruel joke to play on anyone.


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2 responses to “Maxwell House comes to Starbucks

  1. AJ Nock

    I agree the new coffee is a dud. But it’s fun to go to the counter and order up “a tall blonde”. It only it were so easy in real life….As respects the comment about Austrailian wine, you obviously never had the pleasure of tasting Penfold Grange. Austrailia has many nice Shiraz wines. Broaden your horizons…..

    • The Python routine dates back at least to 1972, when I saw it while I was in Northern Ireland. I have indeed heard that the Aussies have vastly (vatly?) improved their wines in the past 40 years but I would also point out that the Python show ws intended to be a comedy show and not an oenophile’s guide.