Shall we give them a hint?

Go away!

Not enough data to explain why doctors are leaving Medicare. It’s bizarre: we keep cutting Medicare reimbursement to doctors yet they keep shedding those patients. Who can explain this?


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6 responses to “Shall we give them a hint?

  1. dogwalker

    Wasn’t there a post earlier about having to be a moron to work for the government?

  2. The reimbursements levels have been fairly stable (congress keeps “fixing” them when the automatic cuts are set to go into effect). What’s worse is that when money is congress is trying to get their thumbs out and set the new rates Medicare just sits on the claims and stops paying.

    They also keep changing the rules and data formats the claims have to be submitted in. This is a big reason docs in small practices are joining the bigger medical groups. The larger organizations have people who do nothing but deal with medicare claims.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Obviously neither Kathleen Sebelius nor Marilyn Tavenner have a clue between them…

  4. Dollar Bill

    Our health care system is so profoundly broken, as we all know. Very reassuring to know that the GOP will resurrect sound free market principles to fix it, once the evil dragon of Obamacare is slain. Nothing that a good dose of free market fundamentalism won’t solve. After all, the reason health care is so expensive is that all those “inner city” types are clogging our ERs. Yes, it’s really that simple, isn’t it CF?

    • Oh good, you’e back,DB! I keep worrying that we’ve lost you. And, just as you’ve seen the light on the fraud that’s warming alarmism, I’m delighted to see that you’ve stumbled upon the truth about our health care (well, “a” truth would be accurate – as your education comes along, you’ll discover more but for now, be content with your baby steps). But yes, as you’ve noticed, those slum denizens sure do add to the burden. They use the emergency rooms, one of the most expensive ways to dispense medical care, for all of their sniffles,ear aches and flus and of course, because it’s as free as the emrgency room, they eschew the bus and take an ambulance to deliver them. Big problem.

      Next week, let’s solve the budget deficit, shall we?

  5. Anonymous

    Hey, it’s the eve of Feb. 1, Dollar Bill’s EBT card has been recharged!